Smart record execs know the importance of packaging a band, especially in today’s image-conscious market. Bands with names like Crazy Town or Dream let today’s dim music consumers know exactly what they’re getting. But relative rock newcomer Matthew Good Band differs from these crap-mongers in a few key ways. For one, Matthew Good Band is actually a guy in the band; and two, its pretty damn good.MGB hails from Vancouver, Canada, the country that imported such fine musical acts as Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan and Paul Schaffer. All joking aside, Beautiful Midnight is a worthy addition to alternative rock. The album is filled with catchy melodies and soon-to-be hit songs. Good’s powerful, soaring vocals easily switch from harder songs to slower and more emotional numbers. All this sounds even better when matched with his well-crafted lyrics.This album seems primarily geared to radio-friendly alternative rock. In fact, when listening to this I often asked myself “Haven’t I heard this already?” The answer is probably yes. The band’s singles “Hello Time Bomb” and “Load Me Up” have been receiving much airplay recently. However, MGB separates itself from the mass of identical rock pop groups. Even if you don’t check out this album, expect to be hearing the songs on the radio soon.