Unlike any other singer in the history of music, Red House Painters’ singer Mark Kozelek has managed to write six full albums about nothing more than ex-girlfriends – and remain interesting. It’s unbelievable just how fresh all the songs off Old Ramon are, and it makes you wonder how many times this guy gets the proverbial boot. Kozelek’s deep, breathy voice makes songs like “Void” feel inspired and full of real emotion.

I close my eyes and for a moment I can actually see his girlfriend sneaking down the fire escape after her last, final and poorly executed Mark Kozelek fornication. All the while Kozelek is enjoying his post-copulation piss session, unaware that he is five minutes away from another broken heart and three months away from another good album. To make an omelet, you gotta break a couple eggs – and I’d rather he put out a couple more albums before he learns how to fill that void.