I was fortunate enough to attend the seven-hour set John Digweed spun in Los Angeles back in October that served as both inspiration for this new album as well as a hotbed for urban-marketing opportunities. Upon entering the Mayan Theater, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Digweed spinning a set that was thankfully devoid of the characteristics that normally come to mind when one thinks of trance. I, for one, am not a big fan of epic trance in all its ethereal, spiritual pretentiousness, and, from the examples of Digweed’s albums, he’s not either. Digweed’s style seems firmly committed to big, fun progressive club music, and the latest installation in the Global Underground series reflects that commitment while allowing his particular deejay style to continue innovating in the area. The two discs in this release are nothing but raw, deep trance – simplistic at times, ethereal at others, consistently pure and good. Due to the nature of this sort of music, it’s difficult to get too critical without sounding redundant or pompous, so let’s leave it at this: Whether you’re a huge fan of trance or not, this album will keep your head nodding and the party going. It’s good.