Students trying to enter Robertson Gym for recreation or class were turned away Tuesday morning after police evacuated the building when an unmarked package was found in the receiving area.

University of California Police Dept. Capt. Michael Foster said the police dispatcher received a report from the gym at 9:30 a.m. regarding the package, which was about two inches thick and did not have an address or any identifying marks. Officers responding to the call evacuated the building and notified the Santa Barbara County Bomb Squad.

The bomb squad, which arrived around noon, used a robotic arm to open the box and determine the contents – a stack of legal papers. The documents were not destroyed, and police were searching for their owner.

Foster said the procedure was standard, but that the death of UCSB student Patrick Wen Tsu Hsu last weekend may contribute to an increase in reported threats.

“If we get notification of a suspicious package, this is pretty much how we handle it,” Foster said. “I think we’ll probably be getting more calls of this type because of heightened awareness [because of what happened to Hsu]. Having the recent events over the weekend has I guess heightened everyone’s awareness of looking at packages.”