Electro-lounge, you’ve gotta heard it before. It’s that chill but bouncy music pouring softly out of
speakers at cocktail lounges and parties meant mostly as a nice accompaniment for drinking and scoping. It’s the music that bands like Air and Thievery Corporation have made a killing out of. With a name meant to evoke the atmosphere of the music, Tipsy makes the case that electro-lounge is here to stay.

This San Francisco duo practically defines the genre. Dave Gardner and Tim Digullia combine two meld guitars, horns, strings, keyboards, samples, record scratches and a whole bunch of miscellaneous atmospheric sounds to create a perpetually cheery sound. Like other instrumental electro-loungers, Uh-Oh! is full of that 1960s, Mario Esquivel-meets-James Bond peachy decadence that so many musicians find so enchanting. Indeed, listening to the album, it sounds as if most of these tracks just missed getting onto one of the "Austin Powers" soundtracks.

With such rosy names as "Papaya Highway," "Sweet Cinnamon" and "Kitty Takes a Ride," Uh-Oh! isn’t exactly a record you’re going to want to put on when you want some heavy emotional sympathy. No no, Uh-Oh! is only meant to accompany our most buoyant of moods. With all its ballpark synths, giggly country guitars and cartoonish qualities, Tipsy wants you to know that they’re all about fun.