Before I describe the soul-shredding noise monster that is Enemymine, let me just say that the group once accidentally left its drummer in a roadside cafe while on tour.

That’s fucking rad.

Evolving from godheadSilo, the world’s first heavy metal rhythm duo, Enemymine has exactly one driving aesthetic – make all the noise it can with two basses and a drum kit (or just two basses, depending on the situation). Cold off the heels of 1998’s self-titled EP, The Ice in Me sheds bassist Zak Sally in favor of some guy named Ryan, and in a way the results are disappointing: Sally’s mellow, creaky vocals offset other bassist Mike Kunka’s frantic screams nicely. Still, Ice has all the power and dynamic changes, not to mention the “How the hell can you play that on a bass?” melodies, of its debut.

This album is the epitome of Northwest noise. Crunching chords mutate into dark, ethereal rumbles, which in turn become jerky, electronic-sounding passages – but the band swears that every noise on the album is done with two bassists and a drummer. The mid-to-down tempo nature of the music also insures that Ice is far from just another screaming hardcore record.

Furthermore, Kunka has been known to periodically grow himself a trucker ‘stache. And that’s fucking rad.