What would you say if a band was described as post-industrial goth pop? Add electronic beats and elements of lounge and a description like this might really confuse you, but it’s as close as you’ll get to describing Snake River Conspiracy. Officially this year’s “Next Big Thing,” Snake River Conspiracy was chosen from over 75 bands to tour with A Perfect Circle. Snake River Conspiracy is lead singer Tobey Torres and songwriter/producer Jason Slater, and Artsweek recently got the chance to sit down and chat with Torres.

Artsweek: People often casually refer to your music as sounding like Nine Inch Nails or Garbage. What do you think about this tendency to try to classify your music?
Torres: I don’t really care because somebody is always going to say you sound like someone else. Well, we don’t really sound exactly like anybody else. I guess it’s industrial rock pop, and we do have our pop songs. But if I’m going to write a pop song it’s going to have fucked-up lyrics. Both Jason and I like a lot of different music, and we incorporate it all with our Star Trek-like beats and moaning porn stars in the background.

You guys utilize sequencers and electronics in your songs. How do you think this increasing use of technology has affected music?
I think it’s great, in one aspect anybody can create music these days … but you still have to have all the talent and elements to make something that isn’t trite and boring. I love acoustic and straight-up rock, and it’s cool that people stay true to their roots. But music definitely has to evolve and I’m all for taking it a step further.

What do you think about the popularity of current hard rock acts like Limp Bizkit or Korn?
I like Korn; I think Jonathan [Davis] is great. Limp Bizkit sucks a big turd out of an elephant’s ass! I can’t stand their music; it’s all the same. And he causes so much trouble! You have to have some guts to go out there every night and sing in front of so many people, for him to fucking dis people for doing that is messed up.

Well, what are your favorite current bands?
Queens of the Stone Age are great. We toured with them recently and they’re all great guys. I’ve been listening to At the Drive-In a lot lately; that album rocks!

How do you feel about being a female lead singer in the hard-rock genre that is mostly male-oriented?
I don’t get intimidated by that shit because I’m always around men. I can kick it with the guys, and I’ve got a bad mouth and I’m a tomboy. So, I’m pretty comfortable with it. I try to make the music beautiful and feminine in spots so the women can relate, and so guys also see that I’m not some fake-ass bitch. But I am a woman and I am strong and I like to yell and scream in the mic.

So, how has it been playing with A Perfect Circle so far?
It’s been great; so far we’ve only done a few shows, but they’ve gone really well. We’re a little more rough edged and screamy, but we have our mellow side, just like them. I think this will be a good tour because we complement their music well.

Snake River Conspiracy opens for A Perfect Circle on Friday at the Events Center. Doors open at 6:30. $18 presale students; $20 general admission and at the door.