Chicano and Latino groups spent the week gathering and protesting in the name of dignity, and for some, a four-cent raise.

In honor of today’s Chicano/Latino National Human Rights Day, and in an effort to bring workers’ struggles against perceived labor abuses to the social forefront, El Congreso, the Chicano Studies Dept. and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) co-sponsored three meetings, a rally and a march this week.

The week’s events will culminate at noon today with an El Congreso potluck at the El Centro Building, room 406, behind Davidson Library, in honor of labor activist Bert Corona, famous for organizing undocumented workers. Corona, who died Jan. 15, was formerly a guest lecturer in the Chicano Studies Dept.

Wednesday, El Congreso held a rally to advocate the furthering of farm workers’ rights and show the United Farm Workers (UFW) support in the union’s boycott of PictSweet Mushrooms.

Farmers who work for PictSweet went on strike last summer after the company refused to negotiate for a better contract. The workers had unmet needs and felt boycotting was the best answer, because the company depends on them, UFW worker Jos