Editor, Daily Nexus:

This comment is in response to Constantine Economides’ “Bible Pervades Society, Preaches Unholy Message” (Daily Nexus, Jan. 12). I found the column very interesting and almost persuading, and if I weren’t a Christian, like many others on this campus, it would have led me to believe that the author knew what he was writing about. At this point, whoever is reading this response probably thinks they have an irate fundamentalist on their hands, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am writing this to plead a case of misinformation and astounding misrepresentation. Christians believe in God, and they also believe in Christ as God’s son. When Christ started teaching, he taught of love and understanding. His teachings never included racism, sexism or discrimination. He only taught love. Constantine went wrong when he assumed, or believed, that Christians only believe in the Old Testament. If that were true then we would not be Christians – we would be Jews. When Christ came he set new laws and changed the ways of the past for Christians. The Jewish people only believe in the Old Testament (Torah) and the laws of that time, though I do not want to misrepresent them either.So what do Christians believe? We believe in God and his commandments. Because of Christ we do not believe in the way they enforced the old laws. Contrary to popular belief, it is not up to us to pass judgement on others. We believe that things are morally wrong, and it stops there. I say this to Christians as well, I know that we are misrepresented for a reason. and it is because some of us do not understand what Christianity really is – it’s love and understanding, not judgement.We are going to believe in a strict moral code, and society can disagree with it, but I believe if we conduct ourselves as true Christians our understanding may pass on to others. When printing future articles please ask yourselves whether you are really representing the group being portrayed. The Daily Nexus is a good paper, and some of you will be journalists in the future. This issue, if dealt with now, could make a huge impact on how you approach articles in the future. Thank you for reading this with an open mind.