Editor, Daily Nexus:

We have serious problems with our coast right now, and the beaches need student help. Our water quality in I.V. and on campus is poor, largely because of what flows down the storm drains (oil, fertilizers, pesticides, dog crap and more). Our beaches are littered with both washed-up and land-generated trash. Developers are fighting hard to extend our urban area into the unique beautiful coastline habitats to our west. Committed people combat these problems on a regular basis, but more help is needed. Perhaps the most direct way to get involved locally is with I.V. Surfrider. Our group has accomplished much already, but we depend on new students getting involved.

As many people have found out, our meetings are informative, interactive, positive and fun. This quarter, we are planning beach cleanups, storm drain stenciling, guest speakers, potlucks, beach days, a movie showing, parties and a camping trip. We will meet each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in HSSB 1174, and we typically show a surf video at 9 or 9:15 at Woodstock’s after the meeting. Not everyone in Surfrider surfs; we all just love the ocean and like to have fun. I.V. Surfrider participants pay no dues and we have info on joining Surfrider National. This Wednesday, Jan. 17, we will hold our first general interest meeting of the quarter, featuring a slideshow by a traveling wave photographer. Coming soon we will have a presentation from the newly formed Regional Adventures Program.

Learn more about Surfrider and local water quality at and , or join our listserv by e-mailing . Check out our next meeting and see why people are stoked on I.V. Surfrider.