Andy Sywak’s Top 10 Films of 2000 (that I managed to see)

1. “Traffic” – Original, unsparing and utterly captivating. The most socially relevant and powerful movie of the year. Acting, directing, writing – it’s all there in droves.
2. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” – A riveting and beautiful mixture of romance and combat, combined with the allure of a faraway myth. All the excitement of martial arts, minus the cheesiness.
3. “Croupier” – A beguiling, complex and challenging picture about art, gambling and desire; it’s a shame this fine British film probably won’t end up being considered for “best picture” based on a marketing technicality.
4. “The Filth & the Fury” – Even if you don’t like punk rock, this documentary about the Sex Pistols lucidly explains the origins and eventual co-optation and commercialization of any subculture. Probably the best documentary since “Hoop Dreams.”
5. “Gladiator” – Ripley Scott’s Roman epic lived up to Hollywood expectations. Russell Crowe starts his Brando ascendancy.
6. “Tao of Steve” – One: be desireless. Two: be nice? Three … ah hell, I forget.
7. “O, Brother, Where Art Thou” -First they make fun of Minnesotans, now Mississippians. Some civic group will soon accuse Joel and Ethan of “regionalism.”
8. “Meet the Parents” – DeNiro, Stiller and Owen Wilson elevate this movie above any other recent holiday comedies.
9. “Billy Elliot” – A boy goes from boxer to ballerina … no one’s done that before, not even the British.
10. “The Opportunists” – Barely noticed film starring Christopher Walken about greed and the lure of easy money. Resourceful and understated, if not terribly exciting, it refreshingly avoids any Tarantino cliches.

The Robotsex favorites of 2000 (in no particular order)

1. Object Beings Modern Varnish Weapon- Shaped: This 7 inch, a creation from a few of the guys over at Anticon, nearly revolutionized the entire hip hop genre … well, maybe it didn’t, but “Attack of the Post Modern Pat Boones” b/w “Cannibalism of the Object Beings” were good enough songs to catch the ear of many a would-be fan and hater.
2. Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country Warp Records: It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from these blokes, and this EP is exactly what was expected.
3. Se-or Coconut y Su Conjunto El Baile Aleman Emperor Norton: Quickly put, this is what happens when a German guy who loves Kraftwerk and Latin music decides to combine both. It’s fantastic.
4. Nightmares on Wax DJ Kicks Studio K7: Another great in the series of slammin’ compilations that feature premier artists putting together their favorite tracks.
5. Boom Bip and Dose One Circle Mush Records: A classic as far as hip hop goes, or at least so in the underground. The rumor is this album sponsored a chance for Dose to work with UK giants like Plaid, Autechre, and Boards of Canada.
6. Thievery Corporation The Mirror Conspiracy Eighteenth Street Lounge: Terrific, even though these guys look like two pretty boys from D.C., not that that should matter.
7. Tosca Suzuki G-Stone: Sophomore effort for Dorfmaiester and Huber which surpasses the first in just about every way.
8. Deltron 3030 75Ark: The combination of Dan the Automator , Kid Koala and Del the Funky Homosapien lives up to what one might think it should. Excellent hip hop from yesteryear.
9. The Nonce The Sight of Things EP Wild West Records: The Los Angeles underground hip hop scene has long been a cauldron of freshness and this, being the last release from this group, only proves it once again.
10. Minus 8 Elysian Fields Compost Records: An album which ranges in its musical presentations, but ultimately brings together a great blend and variety of music to chill to.

Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2K

1. Various Artists | “Groove” Soundtrack | Sony
So the movie was a cheesy, silly portrayal of the San Francisco rave scene. Who cares? The only good thing that came from the movie was the soundtrack. Longtime SF resident deejay WishFM deftly moves from the bouncy 2-step of B-12 Project’s “Girls Like Us” through the diverse world of house and trance without dropping a beat.
2. Supa DJ Dimitri | Stream of Consciousness | TVT
Former Deee-Lite member Supa DJ Dimitri has spent the past few years traveling the world over deejaying at massive raves and clubs all over the world. Stream of Consciousness is deep, raw house with enough edge for burned-out club kids and production skills for techno nerds.
3. Armand Van Helden | Killing Puritans | Armed
Armand Van Helden ups the ante on his latest release, a crazed concoction of distortion, feedback and attitude. Through insanity, Armand Van Helden and friends rap about booty, fucking and female ejaculation. A healthy injection of grit and grime back into the oft-too-candy-coated world of house.
4. Artful Dodger | The Artful Dodger presents Re-Rewind | FFRR
One of 2-step garage’s first poster boys, the Artful Dodger mixes up everyone from Craig David to All Saints in classic 2-step style: sparse, reggae-tinged and really, really catchy.
5. Tosca | Suzuki | G-Stone
Richard Dorfmeister’s side project of chill, atmospheric and usually lovely downtempo.
6. MJ Cole | Sincere | Talkin’ Loud
Another recognizable face in the over-hyped 2-step garage craze, MJ Cole makes his music smooth and seductive. The best partner to ecstasy since, well, a partner!
7. Charles Feelgood | Are You Feelin’ It? | Moonshine
There isn’t that much to say about music like this because it’s just fun and catchy house. According to rumor, Charles Feelgood should be bringing his deejaying skills to Santa Barbara soon, so look out for it.
8. Los Amigos Invisibles | Arepa 3000 | Luaka Bop
While Los Amigos Invisibles are not technically “electronic” (they are, after all, a Venezuelan band), the music it makes is grounded and influenced by a wide variety of music, including the rhythms of its native land as well as disco and house.
9. DJ Icey | Essential Mix | Sire
It might interest you all to know that Tower Records classifies DJ Icey’s electro as hip hop and not electronic music, an odd fact considering that such electro is perhaps at the very heart of electronic music. Regardless, DJ Icey serves up his electro nicely on his latest album.
10. St. Germain | Tourist | Bluenote
This jazz band dabbles in house beats and comes up with beautiful jazz-house fusion, resulting in something more energetic than acid jazz and chock-full of melodic complexities.

Trey’s Top 10 Albums 2000

1. Blackalicious | Nia | Quannum
Nia combined top-rate lyricism with fresh West Coast production to form one of the top albums in hip hop history, much less the year 2000.
2. Deltron 3030 | Deltron 3030 | 75 Ark
The Automator brought his best beats and Del brought his most creative lyrics. Together, they raised the standard for all future concept albums to come.
3. People Under the Stairs | Answer in the Form of a Question | OM
Thes One and Double K topped their stellar freshman effort with this beat-mining epic filled with tales of life in L.A.
4. Jurassic 5 | Quality Control | Interscope
The J5 crew went out this year to prove that you can sell albums and still be original too. I don’t know how many albums it sold, but Quality Control proved that it is still among the top artists in hip hop.
5. Radiohead | Kid A | Capitol
Kid A broke the genre boundary with weird musical tools and spooky lyrics. Depression never felt so good.
6. Haiku De Tat | Haiku De Tat | Pure Hip Hop
Lyricists unequaled Aceyalone, Mikah9 and Abstract Rude hired a band, harmonized and produced another Project Blowed classic.
7. Deep Puddle Dynamics | The Taste of Rain | Anticon
The thinking man’s musical heroes Sole, Slug, Dose One and Alias combined intelligence, pretentiousness and mind-bending beats like no one else can.
8. Nobody | Soulmates | Ubiquity
Nobody’s mellow beats with just the right amount of guest emcees.
9. Live Human | Ellyfish Jelaphant | Matador
Hip hop’s best band continues to raise its standards. No vocals, no problem.
10. Quasimoto | The Unseen | Stones Throw
Out of this world beats and sped-up raps. Even Spin recognizes.