Isla Vista Design Finalist #5 Uses Trees to Control Traffic

Diagonal Parking Would Help Mitigate Congestion
#5 Envision Design, Daniel Darolek, Berkeley, CA

Ocean Road: The plan proposes Ocean Road as the active edge of UCSB and Isla Vista, defining the transition between the two. The road would be remodeled to include a landscaped median between the two-way lanes. The plan also calls for a new bikepath along the boundary.

Pedestrian Routes: Primary pedestrian routes such as DP, Sueno Road, and Camino del Sur would be identified and renovated to meet the needs of pedestrian traffic. The streets would provide a separate lane for pedestrian and bikes traffic buffered from automotive traffic by a lane of parked cars

Typical 40-feet streets: According to the plan, diagonal parking should be integrated along the typical 40-feet-wide streets. The new design would accommodate more parking and calm traffic by forcing cars to slow in order to pass, while planters would be extended along one side to provide a canopy.

Housing: Under the plan, all of Isla Vista would be redrawn, with single family homes located on the 6800 block west, medium-density houses located south of Pardall Road from the 6500 to 6700 blocks, and high-density housing located from the 6500 to 6700 blocks located north of Pardall Road.

Phase I: The completion of sidewalks and lighting along primary pedestrian routes would be completed in this phase. The frequency and availability of mass transit such as buses would also improve in this phase. Improvements to Ocean Road and the study of feasibility of connecting Ocean Road to perpendicular streets will be studied. A study of the feasibility of parking time limits and possible resident parking permits would also be performed in this first phase.

Phase II: The second phase of the proposed plan would integrate new street sections, while the study of possible alternative pedestrian and freeway/campus transit options are completed. At this time, the plan will also designate a specific planning area for a secondary neighborhood center located on El Colegio Road.

A Del Playa Pier and I.V.’s Own Railway Are the Answer

Finalist Design #14 Recommends a Tall Town Center

#14 Urbanus Architects,
P. Vaughan Davies,
Los Angeles, CA

The proposed Isla Vista Plan 2010 envisions an Isla Vista equipped with a new light rail system, an I.V. pier and new town center.

Light Rail: In order to accommodate growth, the proposal entertains the possibility of a light rail connecting the proposed town center with the campus and the Santa Barbara Airport. The system would utilize the existing rail easement to Goleta and Santa Barbara.

Blufftop Park: Houses and other structures on the bluff will be relocated in order to create a more natural and scenic edge to Isla Vista.

Vista Point: A new pier would be built on the bluff at the end of Embarcadero del Mar. The proposed pier would allow a better view of the Channel Islands as well as a variety of leisure activities.

Town Center: The proposal envisions Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Mar as a town center composed of local convenient retail outlets, restaurants and caf