Like most UCSB students, the Associated Students Legislative Council spent the end of the quarter worrying about books and money.

The 2000-2001 A.S. student directories were a hot topic at Wednesday night’s Leg Council meeting, with the council members debating how to fix the error-riddled books. Communications Services provided A.S. with incorrect staff information, listing the same addresses and phone numbers for approximately 3,500 faculty members. The initial idea was to reprint the entire directory, but a compromise kept the original 10,000 directories mostly intact.

To avoid the cost of a full reprint, the incorrect pages will be ripped out and stickers will be affixed on the front of the directories. The stickers will direct students to call 893-8000 for staff numbers.

Individually, the stickers will cost 19 cents. For 10,000 directories, they will cost nearly $2,000. Another $1,000 will pay for labor costs to rip the incorrect pages out by hand.

Rep-At-Large Shaina Walter said she felt this was a reasonable compromise.

“First, I just want to stress that the initial money to print the directories did not come from students, but was paid for with advertising,” she said. “Three thousand dollars is a small price to pay for accurate information.”

The bill passed unanimously. Leg Council is also urging Communications Services to provide a supplement to the directory that would provide students with the correct staff information.

In other financial news, Leg Council approved a Finance Board decision to reimburse a student in the Martial Arts Club for his purchase of two ceremonial Chinese lion heads for performances. He failed to fill out the proper paperwork before delivery of the lion heads and had to pay out of his own pocket. Normally, A.S. pays vendors directly; however, Finance Board made an exception to its rules to reimburse the student.

Usually Leg Council approves the board’s minutes without discussion, but Off-Campus Rep Vanessa Blau filed a complaint with Judicial Council who will now have the final say as to whether or not the refund is appropriate.

Off-Campus Rep Bill Flores said things are difficult when you have to choose between a student and the rules, but a student should come first.

“If nothing else can be done, then do it,” he said. “Let’s use this as a last resort.”

Leg Council took a break to honor sociology Professor Richard Flacks for his involvement with the student movement by naming a new internship after him. The position is intended to serve as a liaison between students, staff and A.S.

Leg Council also endorsed extensive online mapping of the campus. Flores said cooperation between those doing the mapping and the organizations representing disabled students was important to ensure the campus is accessible to all students.

“This mapping would help not only the disabled,” he said, “but new students and parents who don’t know the campus very well.”

Rep-At-Large Eneri Rodriguez thanked the council at the end of the meeting for a good Fall Quarter.

“I’m really pleased with the way the board has been going,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to the next two quarters.”