Editor, Daily Nexus:

This letter is in response to Roger Freedman’s letter (The Reader’s Voice, “Bush Campaign Should Support Fairness in Florida, Nov. 16) in which he chastises the Bush campaign for not being bipartisan. This argument is laughable; it is clear that neither side is being bipartisan. You claim that the Bush campaign is “hiding behind legalistic procedure.” Funny, wasn’t it the Democrats who sent lawyers to Florida first? They are the ones making this a legal event, and it’s sad that our presidential election will be decided not by the free will of the people, but by a bunch of dirty lawyers.

How can we trust either side when they are both being selfish and despicable? The Democrats more so than the Republicans. There were voting irregularities all over the country, and we do not know how many other “Palm Beaches” exist. Do you think that Bush’s brother had something to do with this? This may be the case, but don’t you think it’s possible that the Democrats knew that Jeb would try something and attempted to fix the Florida election too? Sure it is. Face it, neither side is angelic and neither side can be trusted. When will people like you see this?

There have been many articles in the Nexus slamming the Republican Party, and it is quite clear that many whining liberals on this campus have no idea what they are talking about. The Republicans aren’t the only ones to blame, the Democrats are too. It doesn’t matter who wins; they don’t care about us little people. Unless you own a big business or an oil platform off the coast, people like us are only around for the tax dollars. Our government has turned into a big-business machine, and the little man has dropped out of it. Without some sort of radical change in our government this election will be the beginning of the end of America. Bipartisanship has gone out the window, and it seems that the only way we can take our government back is by calling up a bunch of dirty lawyers.