Election Endorsements

Nexus Retracts EVPSA Endorsement

The editorial board believes it is best to formally retract the endorsement of Mayela Morales for the executive position.
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Mayela Morales for External Vice President for Statewide Affairs

Mayela Morales’s platform includes addressing the rising costs of higher education, increasing outreach to students and uplifting groups in the community who may feel they lack representation.
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Anthony Pimentel for Internal Vice President

It is crucial for the Associated Students (A.S.) internal vice president (IVP) to be seen as a neutral and non-polarizing figure, as the IVP is responsible for leading a Senate full of students with v...
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Justice Dumlao for Associated Students President

With experience working with different groups on campus and a firm set of goals for his time as president of the association, Justice Dumlao demonstrates the leadership qualities that could improve A....
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Sophia Dycaico for External Vice President for Local Affairs

Sophia Dycaico has been involved in the community since her freshman year, working as a community coordinator for the then-external vice president of local affairs, taking an active role campaigning f...
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Rose Ettleson for Student Advocate General

Student advocate general (S.A.G.), a position within the Office of the Student Advocate (OSA), works to help students who “face charges from the University in housing, academic, social conduct, and ...
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