UCI’s New Israeli Legislation Stirs Up UCSB Senate Meeting

In last night’s Associated Students Senate meeting, representatives from American Students for Israel and Students for Justice in Palestine appeared in public forum to discuss the Associated Student...
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A.S. Senate Discusses New Investments, Debates Financial Affairs

During the Associated Students Senate meeting last night, senators voted against funding for the Chinese Student Association upon recommendation from the Finance Board. They also approved the Investme...
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Associated Students Discuss Hurricane Relief, I.V. Lighting

In contrast to last week’s lengthy meeting, the Associated Students Senate completed business in under three hours at this week’s meeting, which was rescheduled for Thursday to accommodate Hallowe...
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TBL Staff and Finance Board Critical of A.S. Senate’s Decisions

Last night’s Associated Students Senate meeting witnessed heavy student participation with representatives from the Finance Board, The Bottom Line, several campus queer groups and other organization...
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Student Senate, A.S. Executive Director Discuss Need for Increased Student Space on Campus

The Associated Students Senate held their weekly meeting last night and discussed issues regarding ongoing campus development and further engaging the student body in tackling the current budgetary ob...
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