In contrast to last week’s lengthy meeting, the Associated Students Senate completed business in under three hours at this week’s meeting, which was rescheduled for Thursday to accommodate Halloween celebrations.

During the meeting, the senators discussed new projects, including an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy and a resolution to increase public lighting in Isla Vista. The Senate also accepted Off-Campus Senator Cory Wheeler’s resignation and decided who would be responsible for finding his replacement.

On-Campus Senator Andrew Soriano proposed post-Hurricane Sandy clean-up efforts, emphasizing the gravity of the disastrous situation and citing similar fundraising efforts.

“The hurricane pretty much devastated the East Coast,” Soriano said. “I know in the past we have organized efforts with things like Hurricane Katrina.”

Soriano’s idea was met with support and enthusiasm. Internal Vice President Mayra Segovia suggested a blood drive to help aide shortages in areas heavily affected by the storm.

“There has been a blood shortage because of so many people being wounded … blood banks have been affected as well,” Segovia said.

During the meeting, Segovia also encouraged a partnership with Red Cross to donate blood.

Off-Campus Senator Miya Sommers said the United States was not the only country to take a beating from Sandy, reminding the Senate that some other affected countries do not have the infrastructure to bounce back quickly after such a storm.

Another proposed project dealt with Isla Vista’s lack of appropriate lighting. Off-Campus Senators Alex Choate and Kaitlyn Christianson are working on a resolution to make I.V. brighter, which they defended at the meeting. Christianson said the resolution, which entails filing a work order for each defunct bulb in I.V., is a simple solution to a pressing issue.

“[This is] something that we’ve needed for years and it [has] not [been] able to get done because of funding,” Christianson said.

Toward the end of the meeting, Senators discussed Proposition 30 and the consequences that would accompany its failure, as they have at every meeting for the past few weeks. There will be continued efforts to advocate Proposition 30’s significance to the student body before Tuesday’s election.