Reviving DiFranco

To tell the truth, I'm not a big fan of Ani DiFranco.
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Exposing One’s Self

The poster hanging in the front window of the Performing Arts Theatre promises nudity and a man in a wedding dress. I expected nudity. I looked forward to giggling at the comedy of a man in a flowing ...
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Shannon McNally | Jukebox Sparrows | Capitol

The newest in a line of female genre-blending artists like Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt, McNally's songs are country with a soulful rock attitude.
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Laurie Anderson | Life on a String | Nonesuch

Since 1981, Laurie Anderson has been one of the biggest avant-garde spoken word and experimental rock singers/songwriters to hit the mainstream American music scene.
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An Invitation to Join May Become an Initiation to the Cult

I've had people come out of the blue, asking me if I've "found Jesus." It's as if they're expecting me to be afraid and looking for a rope to grasp for, for something to be assured of.
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