Upcoming Election Serves as Call to Action for UC Students

The election on Nov. 2 is of crucial importance to the future of public education in California, especially higher education.
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Budget Cuts Make a Joke of UC Standards

For any professor who cares about students, the budget cuts create an overwhelming sense of frustration. The scramble for seats at the beginning of each term, made much worse by the reduction in the n...
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Legislators to Blame for Underfunding of the UC

This quarter I am teaching Art History 6B, a lower division survey course. In the past, it has been taught in Campbell Hall, and has enrolled between 650-750 students. This year, owing to budget cuts ...
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Faculty Walkout Teaches an Important Lesson

On Thursday, members of the UCSB faculty acted alongside other employees and students to protest the UC budget cuts authorized by the Regents during the summer and the possibility of further increases...
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