Halloween Restrictions Prove Excessive

As I watched the brigade of mounted officers parading around Isla Vista this past week in preparation of Halloween, I could only think of one thing, and it didn’t have anything to do with public safety or projection of force. All I could think about was what an incredible waste of money it is to […]

Gun Control Policies Propagate Violence, Calamity

Two weeks ago, on Oct. 12, a man by the name of Scott Evans Dekraai killed eight people in a bloody massacre at the hair salon where his ex-wife worked in Seal Beach, California. Apparently, Dekraai snapped over a child custody dispute with his wife over their 8-year-old son, charging into the salon wearing a […]

Media Wrongly Portrays ‘Occupy’ Protests As Aimless

“We are the 99 percent.” As you may or may not know, for almost a month now there have been thousands of people occupying a park near Wall Street in New York City as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. This is not a few hippies camping out in a park smoking dank and […]

Ronald McDonald: The Deadliest Clown in America

Think about this next time you sink your teeth into some deliciously fattening Mickey D’s: Medical school researchers at Harvard University estimate that artificial trans fats cause up to 228,000 heart attacks annually in the United States. Although you may not notice it living in Isla Vista, where there are more gym rats than actual […]

Democracy Suffers at Hands of Modern Media

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the circus! Two eternal enemies in a desperate struggle to the death! So entrenched in their hatred for each other, each would rather have its own eye sockets gruesomely clawed out and skull fucked than allow the other to claim victory! One is a fat, trunk-sporting, money-hoarding […]

Patriotism Shows Different Colors From the Outside Looking In

When I heard the news of Bin-Laden’s death early Monday morning Spanish time, I felt what most Americans probably felt at the news: excitement and relief, knowing that justice had been served to a man who had taken thousands of innocent lives in terrorist attacks around the world. However, my feelings of relief slowly turned to disappointment as I saw thousands of Americans […]