Articles written by: Loree Lewis


Economics Professor Weighs In on America’s Financial Crisis

Scheduled to take effect at the beginning of 2013, an array of looming federal budget cuts and tax increases collectively referred to as the “fis- cal cliff” were averted by a deal reached just twohours after the midnight deadline, narrowly helping the country avoid a plunge further into recession. Professor […]


Sprout Up Group Launches Campaign to Win Chase American Giving Awards

Sprout Up, the organization previously known as Environmental Education for the Next Generation, launched a campaign this past Sunday to promote the campus group in the second-annual Chase American Giving Awards. Founded by UCSB fifth-year environmental studies major Ryland King, Sprout Up is a nonprofit organization that encourages college students […]


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services To Possibly Remove Sea Otter Ban

Next month, California sea otters may finally gain back their legal right to swim freely in waters along the Southern California coastline after 24 years of the marine mammals being banned in a “no otter” management zone stretching from Point Conception down to the Mexican border. United States Fish and […]