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Study Uncovers Fat in “Lean Gene” Myth

Glance at any magazine rack at the grocery store checkout and you will likely encounter countless perfectly defined celebrity bodies. If you’re like me, you stare at these hard bodies in open-mouthed awe as the conveyer belt carries your food to the clerk. While many doctors and media images would […]

Science & Tech

Study Substantiates Relationship Between Diet, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

With a growing statistic of approximately 26 million diabetics in America and 350 million diabetics worldwide, diabetes prevention continues to be a primary concern for many medical practitioners. Although doctors have long observed the link between obesity and Type 2 diabetes, how diet and obesity trigger diabetes had not been […]

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Eat Omega-3 to Maintain Memory

For most students, college is a memorable time, chockfull of unforgettable experiences. However, the ability to remember the important moments in life is a luxury most of us unknowingly take for granted — as many patients with mental dementia can attest.

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Bones May Benefit from Beer Drinking, Study Suggests

Almost everyone knows that consuming milk and other sources of calcium help to maintain bone health.

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New Studies Suggest Sunlight May Help Ward Off Disease

A new study in Australia suggests that obtaining Vitamin D through sun exposure may help prevent the onset of multiple sclerosis as well as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.