Right-Side Columnist Bids UCSB Farewell

I’ll be perfectly honest — UCSB wasn’t my first choice, by far. I came out of high school the preppy, sarcastic valedictorian of a sleepy suburb no one’s heard of. Despite receiving the Regents Scholarship here, I was sure that I was off to Pomona College in Claremont. Surely, someone such as myself would never […]

[Right Said] Reaching Across the Aisle: Bipartisanship in Today’s Politics

Bipartisanship is a word that is bandied around by our politicians often but rarely practiced. In some ways, to even talk about bipartisanship in American politics is a foolhardy exercise. Vitriolic exchanges between parties have characterized our Republic since its earliest days. Among the more infamous exchanges were John Adams’ charge that Thomas Jefferson had […]

Right Said: Gay or Not, Marriage Is Already in the Dog House

When I arrived in our nation’s capital for my time at UCDC this week, I had the opportunity to witness and photograph protesters outside the Supreme Court rallying in support of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. Many held posters with the now nauseatingly familiar equal sign currently plastered all over Facebook, while others thankfully […]

When “Chikin” Gets Political; Eat Mor Chikin

With delicious chicken bites, pickles on buns, friendly customer service and entirely reasonable prices for it all, Chick-fil-A has long been, at least in my experience, one of the most ideally run fast(er) food restaurants our country has to offer. If my memory serves me correctly, I knew about them before I ever set foot […]

Right Said: Sometimes Hypocrites Do Things Right

Imagine, if you would, a dystopian world where your government thought it could assassinate you or your fellow citizens at will according to some unknown set of circumstances that it refused to (or could not) define. A world where, if you are about to be “imminently” or have been “recently” involved in “particular” terrorist “activities,” […]

Breaking News: The French Win a War

Since I don’t expect that many of you would have noticed (and for good reason), I have a news flash for you: The French have actually won a war. Okay, maybe it wasn’t really an actual war, and the French have won many military conflicts in the past, but this French victory in Mali is […]

[Right Said] US Immigration Policy: Drawing the Line Between Who Gets In and Who Doesn’t

  Though I haven’t held such a position, I imagine that being a professional advocate for immigration reform must be one of the most frustrating jobs in the world. When he was first elected in 2008, President Obama promised that it would be one of the top items on his agenda and would ideally be […]

(Right Said) Abortion: When Does Life Begin And Who Decides That? Why This Debate Matters

Year after year, heart disease and cancer consistently rank as the top two causes of death in our country, accounting for around 1.2 million deaths or around 50 percent of all deaths per year alone. Officially speaking, it’s a huge drop to lower respiratory disease, which only takes the lives of 140,000 people per year. […]

Right Said: The Right To Bear Arms: Are America’s Gun Laws To Blame for Recent Gun Violence?

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” —Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution   Just one week ago, our nation narrowly (and technically didn’t) avoided falling off the so-called “fiscal cliff.” On the eve of […]

Right Said: New Wave of Violence Deepens Old Wounds (Thoughts on the Latest Attacks in the Israel-Palestine Conflict)

Imagine for me, if you would, the following hypothetical scenario. You are lounging around in your apartment or house on a relaxing Saturday afternoon watching television, enjoying time with friends and preparing dinner. Suddenly, you hear a sound not all that unlike an air raid/prison siren go off, indicating that the town you live in […]

Right Said: The ‘B’ Word: Balancing America’s Budget

For almost the entire general election season, it has gone unnoticed. Neither presidential candidate talked about it in any great detail. The circumstances that led to its inception were set in motion a time long ago. The poor will be cast down, the economy will grind to a halt, our military will be rendered completely […]

Right Said: The 2012 Presidential Election: Endorsements, Predictions, and of Course, Why You Should Get to the Polls

  23 million people are out of work or underemployed. Anemic job growth is completely insufficient to even provide jobs for new entrants to the labor market, much less those already out of work. Every citizen in the United States carries a $51,579 share of the $16 trillion national debt from the moment they’re born. […]

The Affirmative Action Debate: Moving Us Away From A Colorblind Meritocracy?

Right Said: Imagine for me, if you would, the following scenario: you go to an average public high school, take an absurd amount of Advanced Placement classes, attend night classes at a community college, join every club possible, play on two or three sports teams and study your head off for the SAT and ACT. […]

Right Said: The President’s Foreign Policy: Why Hope Is Not a Real Strategy

When he made his speech before the British Parliament in 1982, President Reagan commented: “I’ve always wondered about the shyness of some of us in the West about standing for these ideals (individual liberty, representative government, rule of law) that have done so much to ease the plight of man and the hardships of our […]

Right Said: Mitt Romney: Debate Victor and the Nation’s Logical Next President

As I watched the first Presidential Debate last Wednesday, I almost couldn’t help but pity the president. By any — and effectively all — metrics, Gov. Romney wiped the floor with him. The contrast was stark and completely obvious to anyone who didn’t have on their rose-colored Obama hope-and-change glasses. The president looked utterly disoriented, […]