Madlib and Openers Energize the Hub

Last Friday night at The Hub, the crowd’s energy was palpable in the silence between performances. The excitement at this A.S. Program Board event was infectious as we waited for Oxnard-native Madli...
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‘Reel Rock 8’ Gives I.V. a Higher Perspective

Dangling off of a cliff 13,000 feet in the air doesn’t seem like the ideal vacation, but for climbers it can be the moment their whole life has been leading up to. Shown at I.V. Theater on Nov. 6, ...
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Anti-sweatshop Activist Talks Labor Rights Abuse at MCC

Anti-sweatshop activist Scott Nova, executive director of an independent labor rights monitoring organization called Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), came to the MultiCultural Center Theater this after...
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