Isla Vista: In Strength and Solidarity

Hanna Mendoza reflects on the IV community following the events of May 23.
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On The Menu Takes on Russia

"This weekend, I said Checkmate to Russia. She met me with a cold, unforgiving exterior; with unrequited smiles and the smell of spilled vodka."
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Kickin’ it with the Kaptain

As Winter Quarter got underway, I found myself getting distracted on my daily bike ride down Pardall to class. Upon passing by the Study Hall, my mouth would spontaneously start to water, I’d get a ...
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Say I Love You With Sushi

Nothing quite says “I love you” like sushi. No honestly, let me explain. If a guy is willing to burn a small hole in his wallet watching me delight over miniature portions of sashimi, to me, that...
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Pumpkin Ravioli And More At Via Maestra 42

Apparently pumpkins are good for more than smashing. Via Maestra 42, a tiny Italian trattoria on State Street, is serving up their famous pumpkin ravioli that will make you lament the scattered gourds...
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