Nothing quite says “I love you” like sushi.

No honestly, let me explain. If a guy is willing to burn a small hole in his wallet watching me delight over miniature portions of sashimi, to me, that’s dedication. We all know he’d rather be paying $5 to devour a burger the size of his own head, but sushi says, “Lady, I have put you before my growling stomach.” And, if you’re going to woo your woman with an Eastern feast this Valentine’s Day, do it properly and go to Arigato on State Street.


Sit under the twinkling lights and manicured vines that surround the outdoor terrace, share some sake or hot tea and get creative with your ordering. Arigato features all the classic Japanese fare you could want, but it’s the small details of the more inventive rolls that make it superior. The Dijon Ahi Roll boasts thick slabs of top quality Ahi tuna, rolled with asparagus and avocado and finished with Dijon mustard; the Wiki Wiki Roll (don’t ask) pairs crab, shrimp and papaya that’s just sweet enough, but not overpowering; the Magic Mushroom tops five different types of Japanese mushrooms with a dash of white truffle oil. Sophisticated, clever and creative; the only downside is that after a trip here, you’ll never be quite as satisfied with a California Roll again. The crab here is so fresh it tastes like it just crawled onto your plate; it’s worlds away from the mush of pink mayonnaise I usually devour unquestioningly at most sushi houses.


The service is just attentive enough to get the job done; perfect for those who don’t want to spend their night defending their water glass from over eager waiters. The sushi is authentic and fresh, prepared in an open kitchen filled with whirling knives, focused sushi chefs and giant slabs of fresh fish. The prices are definitely more “special occasion” than “student on a budget,” but if there’s any place to pull out all the stops, this is it. So go on, be a gentleman and treat her to a classy candlelit date this Valentine’s Day — whether it’s your first date or your 50th. And, if you were this chivalrous, I’m sure she won’t mind you stopping for In-N-Out on the way home.