Three Stabbed Victims’ Names Released

Law enforcement removes a dead body from the apartment of Elliot Rodgers late Saturday afternoon. Rodgers stabbed three victims in his building before murdering another three and injuring 13 in drive-by shootings. (Kenneth Song / Daily Nexus)

Law enforcement removes one of the victims from 6598 Seville Road late Saturday afternoon. Rodger stabbed three people there before murdering another three and injuring 13 in drive-by shootings. (Kenneth Song / Daily Nexus)

[Update: A previous version of this article identified a housemate of Rodger by name. However, due to a subsequent request by the family to only use his initials, we have removed the victim's name in accordance with their wishes.]

Santa Barbara City College student Elliot Rodger stabbed to death George Chen, Weihan “David” Wang and an individual identified as C.H., all UCSB students from California, before he began his shooting spree across Isla Vista.

In a press statement released this afternoon, County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Kelly Hoover said the apartment lease lists C.H. and Chen as Rodger’s roommates, but that police have not determined whether Wang was a roommate or was visiting the night of the attack. Police found the three bodies deceased with multiple stab wounds at the 6500 block of Seville Road in Isla Vista within a few hours of the murders, but declined to specify the weapon used to commit the murders.

C.H. was a 20-year old Computer Engineering major from San Jose, California who volunteered as a teaching assistant at Rainbow Chinese School in Cupertino. George Chen was a 19-year old second year also from San Jose. Weihan Wang was a 20-year old from Fremont, California.

In his manifesto, Rodger states his intent to kill his two roommates before beginning his massacre, calling them “utterly repulsive.”

“I would have to kill my roommates to get them out of the way,” Rodger said. “If they were pleasant to live with, I would regret having to kill them, but due to their behavior I now have no regrets about such a prospect.”

George Chen was one of Elliot Rodger’s roommates who was among the first to die in Rodger’s rampage.

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  1. Proud Gaucho says:

    As a UCSB graduate, I am thinking about all of you today.

    Mr. Martinez is correct. We need gun control now more than ever.

    • We need mental health programs and education more than ever

    • How would have gun control saved these stabbing victims?

      • The overwhelming majority of murder victims are shot, you dickhead.

        • Switzerland has the smae number of guns per capita as the US (if not more) yet , as a country, the Swiss have the lowest gun crime rate of all countries in the West (including North America). It goes to show that it’s a case of a broken culture and a lack of proper education.

  2. As an alum my heart goes out to the community of UCSB and Isla Vista having been forced to endure such an unspeakable tragedy. I am aghast and deeply saddened that something so violent would happen again in the same community. After David Attias killed four people in my freshmen year there was much more attention paid toward mental health and identifying these deeply disturbed individuals before such incidents could take place. It is particularly disturbing to me that this young man was indeed identified but that this tragedy was not able to be prevented. In the coming months I hope that we can work together to find more effective strategies of intervening so that something like this never happens again.

  3. As of 12:17am, 5/26, C.H. is still identified within the story itself.

  4. Lost For Words says:

    My heart breaks for all the innocent lives lost.

    Please update this article at the request of C.H.’s parents which you can find quoted here:
    “It is with a heavy heart that I am writing again to share more sad news. Yesterday we were informed that three of our students, Katherine Cooper (senior), Christopher Martinez (junior), and Veronika Weiss (sophomore) were among those killed during the tragic events on Friday night. Today the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office released the names of the remaining victims and they are also members of our community. They are George Chen and W. Wang, both juniors in the College of Engineering. The parents of the third student have requested that we only use his initials, C.H.”

  5. Antoinette Abboud says:

    Heartbreaking tragedy. As a mom of a UCSB student,our family extends our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and Isla Vista community. May their souls rest in peace.

  6. Christopher Rea says:

    Someone from the daily nexus should get together with the chancelor and edit this article. One of the families has requested that the full name of their son not be used and instead use his initials. I’d have to double check with the chancelor’s release, but if I remember correctly it was WH that should be edited.

  7. GauchoinLA says:

    Horrible story…UCSB and the IV community will show it’s resilience.
    Go Gauchos!

  8. Economics Major says:

    RIP. Fellow Gauchos.

  9. Everybody says:

    Rest in peace, gentlemen.

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