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Violence Will Not Be Tolerated

The new surveillance cameras that have recently been placed throughout Isla Vista serve to remind us of the events from the last few weeks of Winter Quarter, which included a sexual assault and gang rape, a stabbing, a near-riot and an attack with a machete … and that’s just to name what has been reported to the police. Deltopia, and the possibility that it will put the reputation of our campus at risk, justify the installment of the cameras to the university and Isla Vista Foot Patrol Office. While it could be said that these cameras are a breach upon our personal privacy, we as a community have not been able to prove that we can handle not having our privacy imposed upon.

We must not let the safety of our community, and those that have suffered from its lack thereof, slip from the forefront of our minds, especially with the infamous Deltopia approaching. With an influx of thousands of UCSB students, Isla Vista residents and out-of-towners on our horizons, our responsibility to protect each other only increases. Do not sit there and think there’s nothing you can do about this situation: There is, and you can. It has been said before, and I am going to repeat it again: If you see something you don’t feel is right, in the very least, call the authorities. If you see a girl sitting on a curb alone or wandering down the street looking lost, or in a situation with a guy she clearly is not comfortable with, please do not just let the moment pass you by. Talk to her and make sure she’s okay. Walk her home. Call a CSO or the police. Find her friends. Pretend you’re her friend and get her away from that guy. Do whatever it takes, and if it doesn’t work, at least you have the comfort of knowing you did everything in your power to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

I also want to make sure to acknowledge that guys are at risk as well. We shouldn’t only be protecting women, but men also. Stay with your friends and look out for one another. But also remember that just because you aren’t friends with someone doesn’t mean you can’t help them too.

Deltopia should be a fun event and we must do everything in our power to make it so. In the future, this could possibly entail making events like Halloween and Deltopia hosted, rather than no-host events as they are currently, and exclusive to students and residents, but will not help us right now. Right now, all we can do is take immediate action and pledge that we will, especially this weekend, look out for one another. Let’s show that we will NOT tolerate violence in our community and let’s take whatever actions are necessary to maintain that commitment.

Emily Potter is watching all y’alls.

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  1. Hoss Ross Chisom says:

    Well done illegal Mexican immigrants, blacks, and drunk privileged whites. You have managed to degrade yourselfspoiled punk. This is not new I’d venture a guess for a state that has itself become a 3rd world socialistic, composition. But we have seen this before on the East Coast. It was called BCR or Black College Reunion in Va. Beach, VA. Then Greekfest. Now Urban Weekend is BCR in Miami. VB threw that BCR crap out and they came to my Ormond/Daytona Bch and RUINED it for 10 years, and Daytona south of Ormond even now. and your so-called community to a 3rd world level of violent, The bikers (even the Angels, Pagans and Outlaws kept composed), NASCAR and non-black-college, spring break, kids (of all races) were cool. BCR? Animals. I mean disgusting in behavior and violent racial remarks thrown at us as these moronic jerks rode east on Granada, then south on A1A, and up Volusia Ave. I worked the first two BCRs at a gas station in Ormond Bch only to see our station (located right on A1A) business ripped off so bad we use to plan our vacation around it and totally close shop. Blacks, and only blacks, use to drive off without paying to the point of almost $200 on day one, and that cost us any profit for the three days. So, we shut down the gas station the last two days. Soon, we were forced to stay open the next year and try to cover our loses as blacks still left (some violently) without paying at our gas station. You see, we were not allowed by Reno, Holder and Clinton’s DOJ to have “pay first” during BCR as it was “profiling.” After those first two BCRs we shuttered the place like Camille was coming for three days for the next seven years. Reno, Holder, and Sharpton and Jackson, of course, made a $$$ shakedown/scapegoat of the Mark II but they were just trying to control the then-called “wildings,” “flash mobs,” “knockout game” and violent crime of the 90’s that became everyday for blacks and Mexicans now. Our BCR, Miami’s Urban Beach Weekend or VB’s GreekFest in VB was, and is, an insult to productive members of society and are two examples of white, liberal, social-engineers trying to polish a nasty, violent, black turd.
    As for your scumbags? Don’t accommodate these illegal Aztlandians, blacks, or especially these rich, liberal white mama’s boys: SHUT IT DOWN, SHUT IT DOWN FOREVER.

  2. I sense large gatherings will become pleasant memories of the past and not last nights events. There’s much more stress for college folk these days as compared to 20 yrs ago. The world they are inheriting is much more challenging than my class of 1994. Isla Vista was once a compliment to the real world and now reflects a young persons perception of the future.

  3. Take a now IV says:

    As of Saturday at 7pm before the night shift of partying begins, noozhawk reports:

    56 arrests, 50% of which are UCSB and SBCC.

    17 emergency medical service calls

    14 hospitalizations

    2 people stabbed

    A prank call to ems stating someone in distress in the water which sparked a 2 hour search by the coast guard and local law. This costs money that actual homeowners pay for, not students or residents of IV btw.

    The author is definitely well intentioned and should be commended for that. Frankly, I am hopeful that there might be a grass roots movement in IV promoting a sense of community that doesn’t involve taking pride in how much they can drink or how many couches they can torch. Haters posting comments are perfect examples of why IV residents can’t be trusted to do anything positive for themselves, the community, or IV itself. Way to go IV.

  4. “We shouldn’t only be protecting women, but men also.”

    How incredibly THOUGHTFUL of you! I’m so glad that one-half of the world was important enough to warrant a passing mention as deserving of protection.

    • Hey jack. She’s writing something positive for the community and you want to make an issue out of her making a good point. Are you trying to make her hate men? The point she is making is that this effects ALL of us. Except you apparently.

  5. GauchoAlum says:

    While the part about watching out for one’s friends is a commendable attitude, you are naïve when you state the following:

    “While it could be said that these cameras are a breach upon our personal privacy, we as a community have not been able to prove that we can handle not having our privacy imposed upon.”

    This attitude is frightening and people with your attitude justify the arbitrary and oppressive actions of authority. And it breeds contempt and resentment in those who are punished collectively for the actions of the few and irresponsible. I leave you with a quote by Samuel Adams:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    • I’m going to disagree with you. First I don’t see a privacy issue since these are in the street. Second, I bet if we took a vote the majority if campus would agree with the author… and they might even vote to have more cameras installed. Some people are more concerned with safety then some BS argument that we have less privacy. If you want privacy its at home! Remember that while constitution thing about houses?

    • The cameras aren’t arbitrary,they were put up in response to multiple stabbings, and a violent gang rape. These crimes are happening, we need a way to identify those who are a danger to the community, we are putting up security cameras. It’s a very logical chain of non-arbitrary thought.

      They also aren’t oppressive, there is literally nothing you can’t do with the cameras there that you could have done before the cameras. An individuals options on the street are entirely unimpacted and not being suppressed in any way.

      Samuel Adams died in 1803. His advice was very poignant over 200 years ago, it’s a little less relevant now that the British are gone.

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