Deltopia cleanup yields over 800 pounds worth of litter

The cleanup took place the day after Deltopia, an annual unsanctioned street festival. Volunteers retrieved 207 buckets worth of trash and contributed over 100 volunteer hours altogether.

IVCSD hosts Spring Festival during Deltopia

The event aimed to keep festival-goers away from parties as an alternative to Deltopia, attracting roughly 1,000 attendees with free food trucks and performances from local Isla Vista musicians. 

MCC Lounge reopened to public, office still locked

Though the MultiCultural Center (MCC) Lounge opened to campus, the doors of its office and theater — which can only be accessed through the office — are still locked.

Vista Point: Weekly goings-on in, around Isla Vista

Weekly goings-on in and around Isla Vista.

Community entities promote Deltopia-preparedness efforts

The 13th annual Deltopia will be the first to take place under the new social ordinances and temporary suspension of the Restorative Justice Program.

Petition to recall A.S. President Tessa Veksler released

The petition requires 10% of the previous year’s election voters to sign to be presented to the A.S. Senate for ratification

Dank Bowl Kitchen closes, Yetz’s Bagels pop-up to take over

Dank Bowl Kitchen will officially close on Thursday, March 21, and will be replaced by Yetz’s Bagels, under the same owner. The closure marks an end to 14 years of Dank Bowl Kitchen bread bowls.

UCSB Divest denounces university investment decisions in public teach-in

The UC Santa Barbara chapter of the UC Divest Coalition held a divestment teach-in at the UCSB Library steps on March 13. 

EVPLA, community members question Restorative Justice Program suspension at Deltopia Town Hall

A.S. EVPLA hosted the first-ever Deltopia Town Hall with panelists from IVFP, UCPD and more. Attendees questioned the RJ suspension and how the county and University is preparing for Deltopia.

A.S. members allege Senate pro-tempores of misconduct and harrassment

A statement alleged behavior violating the UCSB Student Code of Conduct, including harassment, intimidation and suppression of the voices of Senators and Associated Students (A.S.) members