The Economics of Net Neutrality

An in-depth look at the sometimes confusing economics behind Net Neutrality, and how it affects our ISPs.

Net Neutrality Repeal Would Have Little Impact on UCSB

Internet access at UC Santa Barbara will not change if the Federal Communications Commission repeals network neutrality, a regulation that ensures all websites receive equal service.

Net Neutrality: The Breakdown

What are the implications of net neutrality?

Political Columnists Misconstrue Facts on Net Neutrality

Steven Begakis and Jamie Silverstein demonstrated a serious lack of integrity and disregard for representing the facts. As individuals, they betrayed only their gaping ignorance. Net neutrality is not some political “scheme” (nor is it capitalized) but rather the principle that all legal content on the Internet ought be accessible to all Internet users. The […]

Net Neutrality Provides an Unrestricted Internet

The “Net neutrality” debate is an abstract and misled argument where contrarians pit the free market theories of Adam Smith against the regulatory theories of Karl Marx in an attempt to determine if and how the Internet can be regulated.

Internet Neutrality Takes Bytes in ISPs

In an age when the Internet is so tightly woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, there is a major threat to this seemingly free and open luxury.

UC’s Communication Strategies for Carbon Neutrality

The CNI states it will need continuing efforts by stakeholder groups and multifarious parties, as well as engagement and cooperation across the UC community to reduce the university’s carbon footprint.

First Summit Addressing UC Carbon Neutrality

Janet Napolitano announced the goal that all University of California campuses must be carbon neutral by 2025. Carbon neutrality implies that the campuses would have a net zero carbon footprint — the amount of carbon produced would be balanced or offset by other means. This goal would make the UC system the first university system […]

UC Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2025

University of California president Janet Napolitano announced the goal of carbon neutrality at all nine universities by 2025. The Carbon Neutrality Initiative aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted from buildings and enhance energy efficiency. If this goal is reached, the UC system will be the first university system in the world to […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Internet

Matthew Meyer explains why access to the internet is a basic right in our society

Alex Nagase/Daily Nexus

UC System Progresses Toward Carbon Neutrality

The University of California recently reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to the same level they were at 14 years ago in accordance with UC President Janet Napolitano’s 2013 Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

Technology Bytes: Internet Providers Jack Up Web Surfing Prices

Imagine this scenario: You are sitting there doing writing a research paper, and need to go online to do a search. You open up Firefox and try search Google. Much to your dismay, the page loads extremely slow, if at all, and you are forced to use a far inferior search engine.

Companies Reserve Right to Charge for Better Service

Two weeks ago a federal appeals court ruled in a 3-0 decision against Net neutrality, the Federal Communication Commission’s latest scheme to control the content delivered by Internet Service Providers.

There’s no Way Those Things Are Real

  The Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn is a bed-and-breakfast in Ohio, highly regarded for its cozy atmosphere and delicious food. Every day, the Spread Eagle’s inbox fills with emails from inquisitive travelers. The potential customers ask questions ranging from general to specific, basic to bizarre. Last June, the Eagle received its strangest email yet. […]


Christopher Chen explains why, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, our right to free speech is more important than ever.