1. Professional journey explored at UCSB's Gaucho fairs
5. Drink that can be DoorDashed
10. Free in the dorms
11. Software primarily used by the AlloSphere Research Group
12. Weather phenomena sporadically occurring in the Winter and Spring at UCSB
13. Horror show usually drawing large crowds and featuring a shadow cast
15. Action on an annoying bug at UCSB dorms
17. Society that elected professor emerita Brenda Major in May
19. What a student who pulls an all-nighter during finals week does afterward
21. Job of the professional staff at the Associated Students Legal Resource Center who help students with legal advice
22. A _______ (model of excellence) of a student
23. To soothe the mind, like a Devereux Beach visit
25. Position played by former UCSB soccer player Leroy Zeller, who recently signed with Alemannia Aachen
28. Forty-five of these life-saving devices are provided on UCSB’s campus, courtesy of UCSB’s Heart Saver Programming
30. Type of noodles offered by Yoshinoya at the Courtyard Cafe
31. Job held by student CLAS workers
32. Former dean of the Purdue University College of Engineering
35. Trendy, like a new craze at UCSB
36. Mark left behind, like UCSB's impact on its graduates
37. Role of each of the people who designed this newspaper
38. Type of seven trees planted in Storke Plaza through the Urban Orchard Project


2. A sign or omen, often looked for by UCSB students before exams
3. Adjective to describe one’s time at UCSB
4. The ______ UCSB is located in is Southern California
5. Quick bites bought from the Arbor
6. Not aesthetically pleasing, like some UCSB dorm rooms by the year’s end
7. Don’t stop _______ across the bike path
8. Blades wielded by warriors, like those studied in history class
9. The friend who alleviates your stress during finals week
14. Shrunken Heads’ musical performed in the Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall
16. Tech company whose software the Campus Store offers troubleshooting diagnostics and repairs for
18. Small boat, sometimes paddled on UCSB's lagoon
20. ___’s To Go is located near Blenders and Hana Kitchen
21. Type of report updated by the UCSB Police Department for daily crimes and fires
23. Best place to smoke in Isla Vista
24. The streets of Del Playa Drive on Friday nights
26. Renting out properties, common for owners of off-campus housing
27. Top floor in the library
28. Job of Maxine Hong Kingston, who spoke at the UCSB MultiCultural Center about writing, family and activism on April 20
29. You would never catch a young Caesar dead at ______’s Pizza
33. A subtle clue, occasionally given by professors during exams
34. Indian restaurant in Downtown Santa Barbara

Andrew Tolu contributed to clue creation.


Siddharth Chattoraj
Siddharth Chattoraj is the data editor for the 2023-24 school year. He was previously the assistant data editor and eventually co-data editor during the 2022-23 school year. He loves exploring the intersection of art and technology to discover solutions to new and existing problems. He also enjoys journalism, theater, marketing, running, and forming spontaneous plans with friends. Siddharth can be reached at