1. I am a man.
    1. Men don’t need to make history with women. Women are entirely capable of making history on their own, by themselves or with each other. 
  2. That is wildly inappropriate.
    1. Locker room talk has no place in our current age. Innuendos like “make history with” are objectifying and make a mockery of our country’s history. 
  3. The headline should’ve said “herstory.”
    1. I found the headline offensive, as it said “history” instead of “herstory.” We’ve heard his story enough, now it’s time for hers. When was the last time you read about Carrie Underwood in a textbook?
  4. I was too busy. 
    1. I recently purchased a copy of Hillary Clinton’s “Living History” and was trying to get a few chapters in before the free Elizabeth Holmes rally. 
  5. I couldn’t narrow it down to five.
    1. Though attempting for hours to shorten my list to five, I couldn’t shave off the extra 29 I felt needed to be included. Sorry, Abby Lee Miller and Tati Westbrook.

When away from his stand-up desk, Wyatt Mann enjoys watching podcast clips on YouTube and explaining hyper-specific coffee brewing techniques to people mid-conversation.