1. Silk spinner
5. “The ___” (1999 Keanu Reeves movie)
10. Precisely or absolutely
11. Love affair or novel genre
12. Aspiration or desire
13. Bollywood trilogy franchise starring officer Jai Dixit
15. Ctrl+Z
17.” ___ In Black” (Film franchise)
19. Apologetic or remorseful
21. Brands of this product include Kleenex and Puffs
22. Simplistic or less
23. Central vein of a leaf
25. 0% milk
28. Test in morphological linguistics where children complete statements about pictures with nonsense names
30. “Three Blind ____”
31. Typically seats C and D in an aircraft with a 3-3 configuration
32. Upon or atop
35. Company that produces television ratings
36. Cruel or oppressive rule
37. Arrangement where third-party temporarily holds funds
38. Exclamation of excitement


2. Instance or case
3. Typically done on election day
4. Repeated movement of sound
5. “Animals” was written by ______ 5
6. Represented by a clock
7. Major League Baseball has 9 of these
8. California ______ regularly travels from Chicago to Emeryville
9. “______ He Cheats” (Carrie Underwood song)
14. King of Thebes
16. Describes a damp and hot atmosphere
18. Flies a plane
20. Improvisers ad-___ their lines
21. Yellowish-brown
23. “One ______ in Time” (Whitney Houston song)
24. Author of “Oliver Twist” and “A Christmas Carol”
26. Business major concerning profits
27. Name for TNT
28. To sift, sort or blow
29. Glamorous and fancy
33. Autonomous sensory meridian response, for short
34. Physical device for capturing

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