Isla Vista DJ Thomas Kim claiming to be “spinning tonight” has fallen over. Kim announced via an Instagram story that he was performing at Baja Sharkeez tonight from 10-11, but the night took an unfortunate turn. “I don’t know how it happened,” stated the DJ, dizzied and on the ground. “I was spinning like I normally do on most weekends,” The crowd was left shocked as Kim hit the ground, bringing the show to an abrupt halt. During his signature vertigo-inducing spin, a witness reported seeing Kim lose his balance and slam to the ground, arms flailing on the way down. Unable to keep his balance, the I.V. DJ was escorted backstage by security where he regained control of his center of gravity and downed a shot of Everclear. Kim promptly returned to the stage and cued “Right Round” by Flo Rida and Kesha, provoking a massive cheer from the audience and returning the energy to the club. Thomas Kim is set to be spinning again the following weekend, but this time he’ll keep his balance. 

Chase N. Status does not spin stories in anyway shape or form, even when the content is based on it.