1. Blue Muppet character
5. Video hosting social media platform owned by ByteDance
10. _______birds can fly upside down and backward
11. Language traditionally spoken by Ashkenazi Jews
12. Close or within reach
13. Feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction
15. UCSB is home to the California ____Systems Institute
17. Control system that tracks computer file changes
19. Cowboy’s cry of joy
21. Unwell or sickly
22. Four-player, tile-based game developed in China
23. Award recognizing outstanding music achievement
25. The nature of reality in Hinduism and Buddhism
28. ___ Fridays (restaurant chain)
30. The tallest monument in the United States is the Gateway ____
31. Flower native to Europe, North America and Asia
32. 5 UC’s explicitly offer this major field, and 3 others offer related majors
35. Common in the [32 Across] industry
36. Beyond the suburbs
37. One who mends minds or bodies
38. Touch, strong or lean


2. Movie starring Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye
3. Operator that evaluates an expression and returns an undefined value
4. ______ Waters (water park)
5. Required to play a competitive sport
6. 1-877-Kars-4-____
7. Japanese art of paper folding
8. Traditional folk song sung at sea while working
9. Crowd of people
14. TV show where a team of LEGO ninjas practices Spinjitzu
16. Rays which have the most energy of any electromagnetic waves
18. Illumination source
20. Path or track
21. Common conjunction
23. To take a quick look
24. Collection of old documents
26. Consists of seven colors
27. Nuts high in protein, fiber, antioxidants and fat
28. Generalization of matrices, vectors and scalars
29. Multiple inserts
33. Where Congress convenes
34. To scorch or char

Siddharth Chattoraj
Siddharth Chattoraj is the data editor for the 2023-24 school year. He was previously the assistant data editor and eventually co-data editor during the 2022-23 school year. He loves exploring the intersection of art and technology to discover solutions to new and existing problems. He also enjoys journalism, theater, marketing, running, and forming spontaneous plans with friends. Siddharth can be reached at