Student-run thrift organizations, such as the Isla Vista Trading Post (IVTP), host frequent weekend events featuring live music and a wide selection of clothes. At the end of Winter Quarter 2023, IVTP hosted “F*ck Fast Fashion Fest,” which aimed to promote the recirculation of clothes over the increasingly popular trend of fast fashion. Local vendors had the opportunity to sell their sustainable items, and the event’s main 3-for-free concept was a success — 445 pieces of donated clothing were recirculated, and thrifters left the event with their arms full.  

A group of thrifters looks through a wide selection of donated jeans, pants and skirts. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Second-year art history and anthropology double major Carly Lankarani sells their handmade earrings and necklaces. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

The event featured live performances by bands based in Isla Vista. Lemon Generation, the indie rock band pictured here, was one of the four performing acts. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

First-year pre-psychological and brain sciences major Claire Hernandez and first-year pre-biology major Chelsea Young browse racks of clothes together. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

A thrifter takes a look at handmade and upcycled clothing and accessories made by @paigesewsstuff. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

First-year English major Ruby Galuszka fixes a hand-stitched bucket hat on first-year pre-psychological and brain sciences major Mahi Bhatia. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Junk Drawer by third-year psychological and brain sciences major Rachel Fadel features crochet beanies and earrings made from scraps and reused, recycled, and second-hand materials. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

@/suncuteshere on Instagram sets up on the grass, socializing while promoting their crochet items. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Thrifters browse and pick out items that catch their eye. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Handmade embroidered denim items featured at the event. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Thrifters get a first look at donated items just put out for display. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Pictured IVTP members — third-year environmental studies major Katie McCarthy, third-year history major Mia McCarthy, and first-year environmental studies major Talula Wilmot — run the main stand, where thrifters “check out” with up to three items they get to take for free. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)

Like many thrifting events held in Isla Vista, “F*ck Fast Fashion Fest” attracted many students while also recirculating hundreds of items of clothing, reflecting the event’s fitting name. (Julia Kwon / Daily Nexus)