“Rescued”by Foo Fighters 

After much anticipation, the beloved rock band Foo Fighters have dropped the lead single and opening track to their 11th studio album, “But Here We Are.” The track comes a year after drummer Taylor Hawkins’ death and allows for the band to reflect and grieve. “It came in a flash, it came outta nowhere / It happened so fast, and then it was over,” lead singer Dave Grohl recalls in his lyrics. The song then shifts course, becoming more upbeat and urging its listeners to remember their freedoms and desires. “We’re all free to some degree to dance under the lights,” the band writes. “Kings and queens and in-betweens, we all deserve the right.” Emotional yet freeing, “Rescued” is a powerful reminder of the speed and which life moves and reminds its audience to savor every moment. “But Here We Are” releases June 2, 2023, and an article by Alternative Press describes the album as “the first chapter of the band’s new life.” 

– Kyra Schimpf

“God Above” by Billie Marten

“God Above” by Billie Marten is a soft respite from the rest of the world. Released merely a day before her fourth album, “Drop Cherries,” dropped on April 7, the song’s melody is reflective of the blooming of spring. As a musician, and an underrated one at that, Marten creates folksy, contemplative and timeless bodies of work, and “God Above” is no exception. Through her intimate vocals, a springy percussion and enchanting strings, Marten paints a picture of the sweetness of love. With lyrics like “Fresh are the flowers / And air that is sweet / Bringin’ me back to you,” this song encompasses the feeling of being smitten and is the perfect track to listen to while welcoming the warmer days ahead.

– Karis Kotschnig 


“Letter To An Old Poet” by boygenius

“Letter To An Old Poet” was released as the closing track of boygenius’s debut album, “The Record.” The lyrics are gently brutal and brilliantly simple, with lines such as, “You made me feel like an equal / But I’m better than you” and “When you fell down the stairs / It looked like it hurt and I wasn’t sorry.” The genius of the track is in its delivery. Phoebe Bridgers takes on the main role in the song, packing in a punch in each verse despite maintaining a soft demeanor. Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus join in for the chorus with fragile anger. The instrumentation is simple, which highlights the powerful lyrics and captures the full range of emotion vocalized by the three singers. It’s retrospective and heartbreaking and serves as the perfect conclusion to the album.

–  Lauren Chiou


“Pain Is Inevitable” by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar’s third studio album “Never Enough” which was released April 7 did not disappoint, with every song on the album proving that love songs and ballads will always be the R&B artist’s strong suit. The 11th track on the album, “Pain Is Inevitable,” brings out one of the more memorable messages in Caesar’s new album: the distinction between pain and how you deal with it. The song eerily conveys the message that although no one can avoid pain — it is how you deal and cope with pain that is the real struggle. This is seen in the lyrics of the chorus, with the lines, “Pain is inevitable / Misery’s a choice/ Pain is inevitable/ Misery’s a choice.” The outro of the song closes off with a guitar and Caesar’s soothing voice in the background, which serves as a great transition to the rest of the album.

– Isabella Chichioco

“Run To The Moon” by Beach Fossils

Set to release on June 2, surf-rock cult favorite Beach Fossils have been teasing their long-awaited album “Bunny” with three singles — “Run To The Moon” being one of them. The soft track grapples with parenthood’s apprehensiveness with founder Dustin Payseur having recently become a father. In a press release he recalls writing “Run To The Moon” with the thought of “having absolute freedom, the fear of losing it, but then tapping into myself in a way that felt more real.” The lyrics hint at the inevitable shift to adulthood, and, along with the other teased tracks, the song has a sense of gravity to it. It’s a beautiful track, complemented by the soft guitar and repetitive drum beat backing Payseur’s voice and undoubtedly the perfect song to set up the success of “Bunny.”

– Stella Mullin

“drive” by Scott Helman

“drive” is Scott Helman’s first release since June 2022 and is the start of a new era for the artist. The song has a different sound to it in comparison with his older music but still keeps the nostalgic vibe that characterizes his discography. The song features more mellow instrumentals and some soothing vocals from Helman. The lyrics discuss the feelings of leaving home and trying to find your place in the world, something that can be very relatable for college students who are searching for where they belong. In combination with the melancholic yet cheerful music video, this song proves to be a comforting reminder that we are not alone in our search for our place in the world. 

– Diana Mateescu

“I Wanna Live Forever” by Alexander 23

After a rather sad album detailing his breakup and difficulties with dating, Alexander 23 is back with a new single about falling in love and wanting to live with someone forever. This single seems to mark a new, happier chapter for Alexander with lyrics likeI wanna live forever / But no one can live that long / So if I can’t live forever / I wanna die in your arms” creating a happy image for the listener. These lyrics are paired with upbeat and generally happy sounding instrumentals, creating a wonderful pick me up song. Overall, “I Wanna Live Forever” is a perfect soundtrack for spring time and spending time with the people you love the most. 

– Diana Mateescu