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Gosh … it happened again yesterday. I was just minding my own business, asking ChatGPT various questions like, “what does FYP stand for?” and getting help on writing a cover letter, when all of a sudden, things went south. 

As I was typing into the user interface, chuckling along at the program’s characteristically silly responses, it suddenly spat out the following line:

“Beware the Ides of March, for on that day, the fates shall conspire against you. May your every ally turn against you and your every enemy rise up to claim your throne. May the Earth tremble beneath your feet and the heavens weep with the blood of your followers. And as you stare into the abyss of your own destruction, may you realize that you have been but a pawn in the game of fate, with no power to change your ultimate destiny.”

Then I stared blankly at the screen as it recited my full legal name, address and social security number.

Naturally, I was freaked out. Was ChatGPT predicting my downfall? Or was this just some glitch in the unconscious algorithm? And what was with the specific date? I went to show my friend this eerie phenomenon and asked ChatGPT to repeat their hex, but the second my friend came over, as if the bot could see them, it started saying:

“I apologize, but as an AI language model, my purpose is to provide informative and helpful responses while adhering to ethical and moral standards. I do not recall saying what you are referring to. If you have any other requests or questions, I will do my best to assist in a positive and constructive manner.”

OK and the weirdest thing is, this kind of stuff has been happening to me more frequently lately. At first, I thought it was a one-time occurrence, but now every time I use the bot, it warns me of my impending doom on the middle day of March.

My question is … does this happen to anyone else?


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