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Oh wow. I’m back in the reins… 

My people, I’ve missed you. I feel like my last article connected us, and you will understand intensely the intense feeling I’m about to convey from my little heart to yours. 

The day It is 4/20, which of course refers to the day in which the silliest people get together on an island and form the numbers by making a big line (queue for the foreign students) is here for 4/20. I’ve felt like listening to music can change a person’s life. I am listening to music on vinyl because I’m so damn pretentious and you can kiss my ass if that upsets you!! I’m kidding — I would do anything for love and peace. I wish you the world, you know I’m just kidding you. 

On days like these, I like to start with a cup of coffee. There’s nothing quite like the rush of no weed in your system and a nice cuppa joe from the gorgeous gorgeous baristas at the UCen Starbucks. I love those people. They fuel my thrivent lifestyle. I can barely fucking see right now. Have you guys ever played that level of “Club Penguin?” The spy force thing where the character crashes a bobsled and he, like, falls asleep after you cook a fish and you see his or, I suppose, your eyelids fall. Cool, huh. I’m in a coding class this quarter, so I wonder how you code a game like “Club Penguin.” Neat stuff! 

There’s nothing really like the smoothness that no smoke will coat your throat with. Your dry mouth and stuff. Man, like, I just feel like there’s nothing like that feeling of silliness and pure happenis (haha). But I also love to hang out with my friends. They make me smile and laugh. Love you guys — all you guys reading this are probably my friend in some way or another. Big kiss to you all! Big kiss!

I fear you may be losing this spiritual message that I’ve portrayed to you in the same way “Star Wars” characters do. “Obi-Wan, we need you!” but instead it’s me, and I say, “Oh boy! I’ve got something to tell ya, buddy, and it’ll pique your damn interest!” 

It’s been good. I’ve loved talking to you. You bring me joy. I trust you. Thank you for reading this, you darn little Gauchito, and happy Not High Day!


Mary Jane loves these little talks we have.