Devin Hernandez / Daily Nexus

Basketball, Thunderdome and Air Bud — a match made in heaven that is equally as iconic as the combination of recorded lectures and 2x playback speed.

Our winning streak has been preserved against CSU Bakersfield, with the Gauchos going for gold — golden retriever, that is. Last minute, after exploiting an unclosed loophole in the official NCAA rulebook, Charles “Good Boy” Barkley, number 42, shocked the Thunderdome. Saturday night, he earned 8 points, 18 assists and 4 rebounds. Not to mention his perfect record from the free throw line and the number of belly scratches he received. 

Interviews with the starting lineup reveal how Barkley dished out life lessons and revealed truths about the players. Captain Xavier Dribble had this to say about number 42: “He made me see things in myself that I was too afraid to see. He taught me to become a better person, not just out on the court but in life. Only a dog can teach you to love yourself.” 

Benchwarmer turned game-winner Justin Ball had this to say about his teammate: “I shared with him my trauma from high school. Every day people would pants me to reveal my cartoonish white boxer underwear with red hearts. He didn’t even have to say much, he just walked over to me and let me pet his belly.” Holding back tears, Ball continues, “I just know that he is going to make the world’s best therapy dog-tor.”

Unfortunately, Charles Barkley will not return next season. Our pal is onto bigger and better things at Vandenberg Space Force Base, where he will be training puppies for a mission to the I.S.S.


Devin Hernandez thinks the best character in every movie is the dog.