UC Santa Barbara’s Associated Students is holding a special election to fill the Internal Vice President position, with voting opening tomorrow at 8 a.m and closing Thursday at 4 p.m.

Some concerns surround the legitimacy of the election EmmettRuhland/Daily Nexus

The election will fill the vacancy left by former Internal Vice President (IVP) Bee Schaefer, who was removed from the position through an executive order issued by Associated Students (A.S.) President Gurleen Pabla. External Vice President of Local Affairs Hailey Stankiewicz is currently interim IVP.

The eligible candidates are Coleton Cristiani, Gabrielle Diaz and Sydney Kupsh

Some concerns surround the legitimacy of the election. 

The A.S. Judicial Council placed an injunction order on the release of election results, until an existing case contesting the election’s legitimacy by A.S. Senator Sohum Kalia is resolved.

The case, Kalia v. Stankiewicz, maintains that the election is unconstitutional and illegal because A.S. senate did not deem the IVP position vacant — a requirement to hold a special election. The case will tentatively be heard Feb. 4. 

In supplements provided by the A.S. elections board last night, third-year political science major Cristiani said that he would bring a “much-needed fresh voice” to the position. 

“My campaign is centered around transparency and accountability. It’s my belief that students deserve to know how their elected representatives are serving them — and precisely how student funds are being spent. That’s why I pledge to provide students with frequent budget reports and a weekly ‘Cristiani Report’ detailing how I’m serving YOU,” the statement read. 

Kupsh, a third-year economics and communication major, said she aimed to “ensure efficiency and restore order in our student government” through ensuring “every person in the Associated Students is equipped with the right materials, training, and has equal representation.”

“I will create accessible data surrounding allocation of funds. I have a commitment to financial transparency and will ensure that every student is informed about where their student fees are going and that they are being used to their maximum utility,” her statement continued. 

Diaz did not have supplemental information available for viewing on the elections board website.


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