The UC Santa Barbara Academic Senate has extended the pass/no pass grading option deadline to the last day of winter quarter instruction, March 11.

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The deadline to pass/no pass classes beyond the seventh week of the quarter has been extended every quarter since the COVID-19 pandemic began in Winter Quarter 2020. 

However, unlike past quarters, the College of Letters and Sciences no longer has the authority to approve retroactive requests for grading option changes except in “very limited circumstances,” according to an email sent to students in the College of Letters and Sciences. 

Additionally, college of Letters and Sciences students who request to drop a class past the Jan. 31 deadline will be approved in most cases, according to the email. The deadline for late drop requests is also March 11. 

“Because of the challenges we have faced this quarter, I am directing College of Letters and Science staff to approve late drops of courses — drops requested after the fourth week GOLD deadline — in most circumstances,” Michael Miller, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education for the College of Letters and Sciences, said in the email. 

An email sent to College of Engineering students by the College of Engineering Advising Office said that while students have the option to switch their grading to pass/no pass until March 11, the deadline for dropping classes will remain the same. 

“The College of Engineering will adhere to the normal Winter 2022 drop deadline: Monday, January 31 at 11:45pm in GOLD. If you have any questions about dropping a course, please consult with a College of Engineering Advisor well in advance of the deadline,” the email read. 

Classes taken for major, pre-major, major preparation or minor credit should be taken for a letter grade unless pass/no pass is the only option for the course. Additionally, students on academic probation cannot take a class with pass/no pass. 

Students in the College of Creative Studies have always had the option to pass/no pass and drop classes until the last day of instruction. 

A version of this article appeared on p. 1 of the Nov. 4, 2021 print edition of the Daily Nexus.


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