Shelby Guy / Daily Nexus

Everyone loves dessert, especially on Valentine’s Day. With the pandemic limiting food options to mostly take-out, it can be hard to find a nice place to sit down for sweets with your loved one. Luckily, a restaurant has recently popped up in Santa Barbara that specializes not only in take-out dessert, but now also offers Valentine’s Day-themed treats. 

Insomnia Cookies, located at 430 State Street, has now added two Valentine’s Day themed cookies to their menu: chocolate covered strawberry and red velvet. Being rather ambivalent to red velvet in general, I decided to try out their chocolate covered strawberry. And wow, that cookie is not soon to be forgotten! The ordering process was incredibly straightforward and, surprisingly, they delivered to Goleta. It is rare to see restaurants on State Street offer delivery at the student apartments, so that was a nice change.

The wait for the cookies, however, was less than ideal. Waiting over an hour and forty-five minutes for a few cookies was pushing it a bit. However, when they arrived, I knew that this was a good call. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the cookies were still warm on arrival even after such a long wait to get here. Upon the first bite, the cookie exploded with the sour, citric acid taste from the strawberry bits. It then moved to the rich taste of the large, dark chocolate chunks. Finally, the warm, buttery sweet taste of the sugar cookie ended the perfect bite that made you want to go back for more. 

The only problem I had with the cookie is that it ended too quickly. This was the perfect treat to enjoy at home alone. I can’t help but think, however, how great the cookie would be warmed up and served with vanilla ice cream to be shared with a loved one. 

If you are in a pinch this Valentine’s Day and want a simple treat that can be delivered right to your door, check out the Valentine’s Day options at Insomnia Cookies.