At a certain point in your life, boredom tends to set in. This happens because the majority of people have everyday responsibilities, such as going to school or having a full-time job. While  some may prioritize the dreams of others — like those of their parents — they can forget how to enjoy themselves. 

However, everyone likes doing something. It could be dancing, or it could be wood-carving. Whatever it is, it induces a sense of euphoria. What some people don’t realize is that these hobbies and activities can be considered passions, and those passions can make life beautiful, even for the overworked student, mother, father, etc. By embedding a passion into your lifestyle, you can reap many benefits and, because of this, I say that passions should be priorities, too.

It is an overgeneralization that passions only belong to the artists of the world. People enjoy and excel at different things that can be considered passions. For Andrew Kasimir, a young man pursuing his passion, this includes playing Quidditch on an organized team at Murdoch University in Australia. Yes, you read that right — Quidditch. As most people know, Quidditch is a fictional game that was first introduced in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. At first thought, it may seem unconventional for someone to be passionate about something that isn’t necessarily real, but Kasimir made it a reality and that is what truly matters. 

On the other end of the spectrum, C.G. Biju, a 38-year-old native of Shangumugham, India, shared his passion for soap-sculpting. Not only does Biju enjoy partaking in this activity, but he has made a name for himself by claiming records and striving toward being put in the “Guinness World Records” for carving the largest soap sculpture. 

It is ideal for one to be successful in their passions, and for many, this is possible. Great successes have stemmed from the passions of multiple artists, musicians, writers and more.

One example of someone who has been able to achieve success with his passion for computers and programming is Bill Gates. Microsoft, the company he created, is now a widely known multinational technology company. Before his passion for computers turned into a success story, Gates would make time for his passion by sneaking out of his house and teaching himself how to code at the University of Washington. He is just one example of a passion success story, and there could be more if people considered their own ardors in life. 

Spending time doing something that one loves is extremely important because it can keep one rooted in themselves, especially when there is a lot of familial and social pressure looming over them. The role of any parent is to ensure that their child or children are provided for, are taken care of and have stability. Though this holds true for many parents who take this role with the utmost sincerity, they may often do so by grooming their children to follow their own personal dreams. They may not be upfront about it but will subtly nudge their kids toward applying for a certain job or attending a certain school.

Our parents’ intentions are good, of course. All they want is for their children to remain successful and independent. Research indicates that parents overwhelmingly want their children to pursue higher education in order to have a life-changing experience as well as a good-paying and reliable career. Parents’ influence on their children can be severe yet rewarding for some. But, for other young adults who have their own passions and hopes, it can be suffocating and overwhelming. 

It will be difficult at first to set aside important tasks in order to maintain a healthy, passionate lifestyle, but it will be rewarding.

What parents forget is how beneficial one’s passion is to mental and physical health. Stress relief is essential to our lives. If there were no outlets or means of reducing anxiety, people would likely suffer every day from the lack of release. Indulging in passions or hobbies can be an open door amidst the claustrophobia derived from school, work and other responsibilities. Furthermore, it has been expressed by Licensed Psychologist Alison Block that passions can heighten one’s self-esteem and mold resilience. Building mental strength is important when engaging in several activities at a time. When life feels like it’s caving in, that resilience will come in handy. Passions are gift-givers — handing us self-worth, comfort and perseverance. 

Understanding the importance of having passions is one thing, but finding time for them is where things get hairy. Luckily, there is an easy guide to help you do so. To simplify the many steps involved, what one should do is identify, prioritize, organize and do. 

The identification process of finding a passion or passions involves reflecting on what one likes doing. It can be weird, crafty, tasty, loud — whatever pleases you. Once this is done, you can move on to prioritizing. Of course, everyone has busy lives, especially if one works and goes to school or also has to tend to family. However, having a journal or planner at your disposal may be helpful in spreading out the day to make room for your passions. Decide which events or tasks are mandatory and which can be saved for another day. After this step, this is when it becomes essential to organize.

The organization process can entail inputting those passions into the open time slots throughout your day. This is when you get a rough idea of how it will look to have a schedule involving those special passions and hobbies. Lastly, there is the do portion. This is the hardest one of all because it involves going through with the set plan. 

It will be difficult at first to set aside important tasks in order to maintain a healthy, passionate lifestyle, but it will be rewarding. Trusting the process is vital when trying to maintain this habit, and it is something every person should consider, especially in this time of confusion caused by COVID-19. On those days when everything is done, or when everything is not even close to being done, treat yourself. Go on that relaxing run, write poetry or sculpt some soap bars. Just do that one thing that will make you smile and remember that life is even more precious when you control it.

Kiana Perez Granados believes that it doesn’t hurt to pursue what you love because, in the end, happiness is key.