Having travelled a long journey through the solar system, the comet NEOWISE, named after the NASA mission that discovered it, became visible to observers in the Northern Hemisphere in early July. The comet can be seen in the northwestern sky after sunset and for much of the evening. While the comet is dimming as it moves away from the sun, it continues to be visible with the aid of a pair of binoculars at locations away from light pollution. 

Here we showcase a collection of photos taken at or near UCSB, featuring familiar campus architectures and Comet NEOWISE — so you won’t miss the spectacle even if you are away!

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Sicheng Wang
Sicheng Wang is a junior in Mechanical Engineering and the current Photo Editor at Daily Nexus. Photography and journalism are some of his interests that seem not very relevent to his field of study. He can be reached at photo@dailynexus.com.