For those of you who miss Thursday night Bill’s Bus with the lucky dude who got aux and can blast his shitty music, or Friday night DP parties where you pretend to like EDM while rolling your eyes at the out-of-towners staring at the ocean, here’s a quarantine playlist to enjoy while partying at home with your roommates.

1. “Mask Off” by Future

What more do we need at night besides Future mimicking our exact actions with “Mask on, fuck it, mask off”? The second we get back from the grocery store with a case of White Claws, it’s time for the masks to come off and the claws to be drunk.


2. “pick up the phone” by Travis Scott and Young Thug ft. Quavo

You’re trying to get all the homies on a Zoom call so you can still pretend the pregame is the same as last quarter’s. But the homies aren’t in the “partying mood” and you’ve been calling them all evening. Forget the homies, you don’t need anyone but your housemates.


3. “911 / Mr. Lonely” by Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy

So what if we’re all a little lonely … and we want to hear “call me” repeatedly … and then the beat switches and you resonate with the lyric, “I can’t even lie, I’ve been lonely as fuck.” But it’s okay, you’re still enjoying your house party with the three housemates you love dearly. 


4. “No More Parties In LA” by Kanye West

“No more parties in I.V.”!


5. “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” by Soulja Boy Tell ’Em ft. Sammie

We all miss our significant others, best friends, mom and dad. Yet our kisses make it through to them virtually, just as Soulja Boy explains. Scream your heart out, tell ‘em you miss ‘em and kiss ‘em thru the phone!


6. “Cyber Sex” by Doja Cat

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


7. “FaceTime” by 21 Savage

It’s the time of the night where you can relate to 21 Savage when he says, “I’m too drunk to text so can we FaceTime?” You drunk call all your best friends, siblings, ex-significant others … but who cares because we’re in quarantine anyway?!


8. “Invincible” by Pop Smoke

We’ve made it to the part of the night where there’s hope at the end of the tunnel we can see the future. The four of you dancing in the middle of your living room basically feels like another night downtown, and you truly feel invincible. COVID-19 can’t stop you from having a great night.


9. “The Way Life Goes” by Lil Uzi Vert ft. Oh Wonder

We’re finally at the end of the night; we know it’ll be okay in the end, chanting with Uzi, “I know it hurts sometimes but you’ll get over it.” We continue pretending that this party is the same as every party from the last four years and blissfully know that we’ll relive that favorite party with the people we love again soon.