Looking for a carefully crafted Valentine’s Day playlist filled with all kinds of love songs? Well, look no further!

“My Dude” by Litany 

“My Dude” is the perfect song if you’re hoping to confess your feelings for your secret crush this Valentine’s Day. Though the track’s lyrics are somewhat simplistic, with lines like, “I really like you/And if you liked me too/I could be your girlfriend/You could be my dude,” Litany’s voice creates a soothing aura that flows seamlessly with the funky, synth music that’s guaranteed to stick in your head for days on end.


“Sweet Thing” by Twin Peaks

“Sweet Thing” is one of those tracks that leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth (mostly sweet, of course) as it accurately captures tender, misguided, beautiful, youthful love. For instance, as Clay Frankel of Twin Peaks is serenading his lover in this song, he sings, “There’s women every single way I look/But you’re the only one that’s got me hooked.” It’s clear he really loves his partner yet is still asserting his egoism by explaining he has plenty of options for romantic endeavors. Twin Peaks does a great job of balancing these immature lyrics with more kind ones like, “Baby, I’ve been thinkin’ all about you lately,” which, when combined with the former, perfectly represents the imperfect and chaotic experience that is true love.


“Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac

This list would not be complete nor reasonable without mentioning “Everywhere” by ‘70s rock band Fleetwood Mac. The musicianship in the song is tremendous and inspiring, but the love message is lettered in the lyric, “I want to be with you everywhere.” This ballad embodies the infatuation that comes with love and the enamored mindset of wanting to be with your lover at all times, in all places. It’s hard to bring to mind a sweeter way to commemorate your loved one than to wish they’re with you everywhere you go. 


“Warm” by Dre’es (ft. Mia) 

Whether you have a Valentine this year or not, this song makes you feel like you’re in love. Dre’es’s and Mia’s voices perfectly complement each other over the beautiful chords, making “Warm” very pleasing to listen to. This track is what you daydream about when you finally meet your person and want nothing more than to be on a “faraway island in a blissful silence” with them. In essence, “Warm” highlights the most perfect moments in a relationship: the parts we can’t stop thinking about. 


“Baby, I Love You” by the Ramones

While, yes, the Ramones are known for kickstarting the fast-paced and loud genre of punk rock music, their rendition of The Ronettes’s “Baby, I Love You” sounds as classic a love song as any. The tenderness in Joey Ramone’s voice as he sings, “I can’t live without you/I love everything about you/I can’t help it if I feel this way,” is enough to serenade any person you’re hoping to court on Valentine’s Day. 


Oh Honey” by Delegation

O-o-o-o-h honey! All you need to hear is the opening instrumental to catch the vibes with this one. A pure gem and nostalgic oldie like “Oh Honey” by Delegation will leave you and your lover (or maybe just you) feeling some type of way and slow dancing wherever you may be. Delegation’s soulful vocals, mesmerizing synth, groovy bass and smooth keys are a must for any love-song playlist. The track’s immersive romantic funk will set the perfect mood for Valentine’s Day; you also may have heard it sampled in “Lottery” by Kali Uchis — another great addition to your special V-Day playlist.


“When I’m Sixty-Four” by The Beatles

“When I’m Sixty-Four” was written by Sir Paul McCartney at the adorable age of 16, a suitable age for exploring romance along with all the tenderness and magic it has to offer. The track has a cheerful melody, and the lyrics paint a vivid daydream of a boy who fantasizes about the love of his life growing old beside him. It seems like as long as they stay together, even doing the most ordinary things such as going for a drive or gardening together will fill him with happiness and peace. The soft and heart-throbbing experience of falling in love is usually accompanied by the hope of your significant other being by your side forever, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this song beautifully captures this heartwarming feeling.


“All About U” by 2Pac 

2Pac’s “All About U” is a gangsta ode to the idea of infatuation that has come to withstand the decades since its initial release. By chronicling his fast times in Los Angeles, 2Pac is able to spin a captivating tale that is relatable to anyone who has been played by an unfaithful lover. It keeps your elbows high, swaying side to side, and yet somehow, “All About U” still makes it difficult to keep your eyes dry.


“New Light” by John Mayer

The first time you hear John Mayer’s “New Light,” you may feel an unquenchable urge to move, groove and, most of all, love. In the span of just four minutes, Mayer composes a painterly vision of a possible romance, defined by a beat like a yearning heart and a fluid synth that flows from ear to ear; you can practically see Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” materializing in your head as you listen. Ultimately, it does what all beautiful love songs should: it makes memories.


“Electric” by Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

As someone with limited experience when it comes to matters of the heart, I am not entirely sure what it would feel like to be head over heels in love with someone. But I would imagine it would feel a lot like this song. This track, romantic and very sensual at the same time, is the perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day playlist, a Netflix & Chill playlist or an “In My Feelings at 2 a.m.” playlist. 


“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell 

This cute classic, consisting of a duet between Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, will take you to new heights — and not just on V-Day. We’ve all heard the cheesy pop songs of the 21st century that sing about surface-level love, but nothing is deeper than this two-minute ballad comparing affection to geographical landforms. So don’t take any excuses from your significant other this Valentine’s Day because there “ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep them from getting to you, babe.


“I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls 

If you and your partner are connoisseurs of comedy, you might get a kick out of the romantic yet insanely hilarious “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls, which originally gained fame when it was featured in the film “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” It’s all in the title — with this track, you can let your partner know just how attracted to them you really are. Wink wink.


Kristina Valencia, Sunidhi Sridhar, Phoenix Pham, Omar Reyes, Aubrey Valerio, Neha Makkapati, Melody Pezeshkian, Hannah George, and Karl-Erik Mills contributed to this article.