Sierra Deak / Daily Nexus

Anti-Valentine’s Day Baile

Still in a goth phase but don’t know who to rock it with? Spend your Saturday evening at Biko Garage, and savor the love or the lack of it, at this one-of-a-kind Anti-Valentine’s Day Baile! Biko garage is conveniently located at 6612 Sueno Road. Nobody cares if you’re single or not, as long as you wear black. Tickets are $3 at the door or $4 after 10 p.m. All funds will be donated to the MUJERcitas conference.

“Ralph Breaks The Internet”

This Friday, Magic Lantern Films is putting on a show that you cannot miss. Come see “Ralph Breaks” the Internet at 7 p.m. and start your weekend off right. Make a stop by 935 Embarcadero del Norte to score yourself a seat to watch this critically-acclaimed sequel to the original “Wreck it Ralph.” Tickets are $4 and will be sold at the door. Keep a lookout: Buy-one-get-one-free flyers will be handed out throughout the week. If you miss the opportunity to see this movie, don’t worry. You’ll have another chance to see the movie this Monday at 7 p.m.

Cook a Free Meal for the Community

Food Not Bombs is back at it again with a Cook a Free Meal for the Community event this Sunday 2:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. If you’re looking for five hours of food-filled fun, then look no further than this stomach- (and soul-) filling event. Stop by 777 Camino Pescadero and help cook free meals for the community! All meals are vegan and prepared using food donated from farmer’s markets and the Isla Vista Food Co-op. This is a tasty, fulfilling and fun event that you cannot miss!

Green Shopping

This weekend, the Isla Vista Food Co-op and Lazy Eye Shop will combine forces to put on a pop-up shopping event at the Co-op on 6576 Seville Road. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Friday, locals can browse through an array of upcycled clothes, shoes and accessories. Lazy Eye Shop is a California-based resale clothing organization focusing on the environmental benefits of the resale of used clothing. All items for sale were carefully picked out for resale by Andi Modugno, a Santa Barbara-based clothing collector.

Um…Magazine hosts a show

If you decide to stay in town for the three-day weekend, be sure to stop by Um…Magazine’s live band show on Friday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Um…Magazine, a recently formed alternative magazine based out of UCSB, is fundraising by selling entrance tickets for party-goers to jam along in their garage to four bands/musicians who will be performing throughout the night. Attendees pay $2 or $1 if you follow Um…Magazine’s Instagram page to enjoy performances from Aqua Stallion, Jakob Akira, ChrisBaby and Careless Cub. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to supporting Um…Magazine’s website, hosting future events and producing more content. The show will be going down at 6692 Trigo Road.