If you walk just a tad bit past Bagel Cáfe, you’ll reach I.V.’s newest tea house on the right side of Trigo. This new spot opened up in the summer, and photos of their cups with Storke Tower started popping up everywhere on Snapchat. As avid boba connoisseurs, we were dying to get a taste and see for ourselves how Mojo’s teas compared to the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of boba drinks we’ve had.

Rachel Lee / Daily Nexus

Thai Tea with Boba ($3.49) 

Rating: 4.5/5

Mojo’s Thai tea deserved a 4.5/5  because of how different the Thai tea tasted compared to what I have had in the past. It’s also the cheapest drink on the menu. The tea almost tasted as if it was roasted, as it had a nuttier taste. The boba complemented it very nicely, bringing a sweetness factor that was absent in the tea. I would recommend this drink to people who like their drinks on the less sweet side.

Hokkaido Milk Tea with Boba ($5.49)

Rating: 3.5/5

I have tried a lot of Hokkaido milk teas from different tea shops before, so I really wanted to see what was up with Mojo’s version. Before checking it out, my friends told me that this drink tends to be on the sweeter end and recommended going with a quarter of the sweetness, so I did. Even with 25 percent sugar, I still felt like the drink was extremely sweet; however, I tried the drink from a friend who got 100 percent sweetness, and I felt my drink was way sweeter. It could have been a heavier hand that day working on my drink, but the sweetness really affected the overall taste. Even though I enjoyed it I could not finish it due to the overload of sugar in it.

Taro Milk Tea ($3.99)

Rating: 3/5

This drink gets a 3/5 just because of how sweet it was. I got this at 75 percent sugar level, but the sugar was overpowering the taro flavor and the tea itself. However, the drink was still very smooth and lightly iced, just as I requested. Next time, I think I would order it with less or no sugar and add boba to complement it. Mojo also has a “Taro-ble Taro” blended drink, which would highlight the taro flavor and mask the sweetness because of the added ice.

House Original Roasted Oolong ($4.49)

Rating 4/5

Roasted oolong milk tea is a must in the milk tea world, so we had to try this. I ordered it with 75 percent sugar, and the sweetness level was good for my taste. Although it was a little watered down, I could still taste the flavor of the roasted oolong tea leaves. However, I felt that the Thai tea actually had a more roasted flavor than this drink. Overall, this is a pretty solid milk tea that has a lot of potential if Mojo adjusts the tea-to-milk ratio a bit.

Winnie Lam / Daily Nexus

Since we only got a glimpse of Mojo’s drinks, we would definitely come back and try other things on the menu. We only realized after we had placed our orders that we exclusively ordered milk teas, so we will be back for their fruit teas and blended beverages, too. As for their food, there were plenty of customers sitting on the patio enjoying Mojo’s rice bowls and tapas, so hopefully we get to taste some of those goodies during their grand opening. Overall, this tea spot is a great addition to I.V. so far, and it definitely has potential to come up with even better quality drinks.


Winnie Lam
Winnie Lam serves as the 2020-2021 On The Menu Editor. She has an unhealthy obsession with Trader Joe's and she loves all things matcha.