The Declaration of Candidacy period for the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs special election officially ended on Tuesday, leaving Madeline Loudon, the runner-up of the Spring Quarter 2018 EVPSA election, as the only candidate who has declared candidacy.

Loudon was the co-chair of Lobby Corps and served as a policy analyst for the current EVPSA office. Jose Ochoa / Daily Nexus

The special election comes following the disqualification of Mayela Morales, a fifth-year global studies and Chicanx studies double major, in May.

Morales won the position of External Vice President for Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) in April. However, she was later found to not be enrolled in any classes at UCSB during the Spring Quarter, according to Gaucho On-Line Database (G.O.L.D.) public records.

A.S. Legal Code mandates that executive candidates be enrolled in at least six units per quarter to be eligible for office.

Because Morales was disqualified approximately three weeks after the elections were held, UC Santa Barbara’s A.S. Elections Board mandated a special election to be held for the EVPSA position during Fall Quarter 2018.

Although Loudon, a third-year history of public policy major, is the only officially declared candidate, potential write-in candidates may join the race.

Write-in candidates must declare candidacy by emailing the A.S. Elections Board by Oct. 7, John Paul Renteria, the chair of A.S. Elections Board, said at a Senate meeting on Wednesday.

For the special election, there is still a minimum voting threshold of 16 percent, meaning 16 percent of UC Santa Barbara students need to vote in order for the results to be valid, according to Renteria.

If this voter threshold is not met, the A.S. Elections Board will extend one week to the voting period.

If the threshold still is not met after the week extension, the EVPSA office will be vacant until the A.S. Spring 2019 elections.

A.S Senate passed a resolution in July which split the position’s funds and duties among several individuals.

Temporary access to EVPSA funds were granted to the External Vice President for Local Affairs, the Student Advocate General, the A.S. President, the A.S. President Proxy, and the Lobby Corps Co-Chairs.

Their duties will be dissolved “the date that the new EVPSA is sworn-in,” according to the resolution.

Loudon was the co-chair of Lobby Corps and served as a policy analyst for the current EVPSA office.

During the EVPSA candidate forum in April, Loudon detailed her plans if elected into the position, which included securing “state investment” which does not just apply to fighting tuition hikes, but also to getting the State of California to invest in all issues affecting students.

Loudon added that voter registration would also be a priority of hers. Loudon also said she wanted to increase education surrounding how students can utilize existing mental health resources.

The candidate forums for the Special Election will take place on Oct. 5, and active campaigning will take place on Oct. 7.

The voting period will begin on Oct. 15 and will end on Oct. 18, when the results will be released.


Simren Verma
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